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‘Nemesis: Lockdown’ Board Game Adaptation Comes to Steam Early Access

Nemesis Lockdown is a turn-based horror game inspired by classic alien sci-fi horror and a direct adaptation of the board game experience.

As a PC game, it takes advantage of a digital platform to add stunning visuals, sound effects, and an interactive UI to make the gameplay experience even better. So get your gaming PCs ready!

In this horror experience you are not a hunter – you are prey, trying to survive and complete secret objectives. You assume the role of a survivor on a secret base on Mars, trying to fulfill their objective without getting eaten by the Intruder life-form spreading through the base.

But sometimes those objectives might require you to kill other players. During the game, you have to cooperate to survive, but you can never fully trust other players – you have no idea what their secret objective might be.

Interestingly, in Nemesis, you do not hunt aliens—no, this is not a shooter. Weapons are mostly used for defense. Instead, you try to do everything you can to complete your objective and run from the base as far as you can. The presence of other life forms can make this a bit tough. One of the key mechanics in Nemesis is hidden objectives.

Trust no-one, as some of the players you play with might want to kill you or have drastically different ideas about what to do with the current situation. But you NEED to cooperate to survive, so there is a fine line you need to keep with every decision. There are several ther crucial mechanics such as managing noise, card-based actions, crafting/using/searching for items, and interacting with unique rooms.

Nemesis supports single-player and multiplayer with fully implemented text and voice chat. You can play the game by yourself or enjoy it with your friends. Thanks to high replayability you will be able to play the game for dozens of hours and every game will be different. You can fully experience emerging cinematic moments with your friends or strangers and try to trick them if you’re a traitor.

“The Early Access version of Nemesis Lockdown allows players to play SOLO or make MULTIPLAYER scenarios. Depending on actions during the game – each session’s length and run will be different. The current state contains a Full Gameplay Mechanics based on Nemesis Lockdown Board Game set in a cinematic and immersive setting.

Play as one of 5 different survivors, and reach unique Objectives drawn at the very beginning of each game. Each character has its own strengths and Action Deck. Spend your Action Cards to make moves in your turn. Search and collect items, and use special functions of different rooms to change game conditions. Try to survive dangerous fights with evolving Intruders. Be a teammate or a traitor to other players in the session. Items, rooms on the map, and event cards are randomly drawn at the start and during the game from extensive card decks.

Each session is additionally varied in special Event Phases which can change the in-game situations drastically. All those possibilities and moves you perform make all scenarios will look different and unique. Nemesis gameplay is a well-tested formula that truly works and gives breathtaking cinematic moments. The game includes a built-in voice chat.

In the Early Version, you might encounter occasional glitches, unpolished animations, and other small bugs. The current version should be stable and free of critical errors. It also lacks a proper tutorial with a story and we’re still working on UI and UX. Upgraded graphics and better game optimization will come with the Full Version.

Our list of features we would like to add is long – but we want to see your opinions before making our next move. Certain things that will be definitely added to the full version are improvements in graphics, animations, UI, optimization, and sounds based on feedback from players. Serious tutorial with a story that will help new players learn game mechanics in a more satisfying way. Let’s make the game better together!”

Nemesis: Lockdown is currently available on Steam Early Access.