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League of Legends New Champion Nilah

League of Legends New Champion Nilah

League of Legends has a new champion named Nilah, the Joy Unbound. She is an ascetic warrior that came from a distant land. With power coming from a long-imprisoned demon of joy, she seeks the deadliest and most titanic opponents to challenge and destroy.

Check out Nilah’s abilities below:

Passive – Joy Unending

This passive skill amplifies the healing and shielding abilities of Nilah’s nearby allies. Any of her allies that heal or shield Nilah will gain a bonus heal and shield for themselves.

And when an allied champion heals or shields themselves near Nilah, she will give herself a bonus or shield.

If Nilah last hits an enemy minion, she and all her nearby allies will gain the normal amount of shared experience, plus half of the experience that would be lost due to sharing.

Q – Formless Blade

Active: Nilah strikes in a line, damaging all enemies hit. Hitting an enemy will also increase Nilah’s attack range and attack speed briefly. It will also empower her basic attacks, causing them to splash in a cone and deal additional damage.

Passive: Nilah’s attacks and ability damage against enemy champions will ignore some of their armor. It will also heal her for part of the damage dealt. This effect will scale with her Critical chance and convert any excess healing into a shield.

W – Jubilant Veil

Nilah shrouds herself and briefly gains bonus move speed. She also takes reduced magic damage and dodges all incoming basic attacks.

When Nilah touches an ally champion, she also hides them in her veil and will be protected for a shorter period.

E – Slipstream

Nilah dashes through a target unit, traveling a fixed distance every time. This damages all enemies she passes through. She will also store up to 2 charges at once.

Upon casting Formless Blade during Slipstream, she pulls a wave in her path and deals damage after a quick delay. This grants Formless Blade with enhanced basic attack effects.

R – Apotheosis

Nilah will unleash a surge of power, lashing her whip in an area around her. This will deal a final burst and pull enemies in toward the center.

This skill will also heal Nilah for part of the damage and convert excess healing into a shield. Nilah’s Critical chances also scale and are granted to nearby allies.


To get Nilah as one of your champions in the game, make sure to download the latest update of League of Legends on your gaming PC.

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