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League of Legends Star Guardian 2022

League of Legends Star Guardian 2022

League of Legends introduces a new set of Star Guardian skins. The Star Guardian is a series of alternate universe skins that focuses on the story of a group of students who become cosmic protectors. Together, they must battle cosmic enemies that are threats to the universe.

Check out these new Star Guardian 2022 skins:

Star Guardian Ekko

Star Guardian Ekko was given time-shifting powers by the First Star. Now, he approaches life with a relaxed and casual demeanor. But when it comes to facing monsters alongside the Star Guardians, he is deadly serious. He uses his command over time and space to keep the Valoran City safe from darkness.

Star Guardian Ekko Prestige Edition

Star Guardian Ekko Prestige Edition is a unique take on the Star Guardian Ekko skin. Ekko doesn’t need magical powers to look like a star. He rocks an effortless streetwear style wherever he goes. He turns heads and paparazzi lenses alike.

Star Guardian Kai’Sa

Star Guardian Kai’Sa is born as a leader with a head for tactics. She takes her job as a captain exceptionally seriously, perhaps too much for her own good. Still, her squad respects her command. They will follow her into even the most dangerous missions. Kai’Sa will snipe priority targets and spray the rest with payloads of her starlight-powered missiles.

Star Guardian Nilah

Star Guardian Nilah is a powerful Outer Guardian who patrols the outer universe. Nilah has faced multiple reality-ending threats and has managed to return alive. Many have asked her to become a teacher to the new generation. However, time and time, Nilah reluctantly accepted her new responsibilities. But when a giant monster appears, she is always fast to call dibs.

Star Guardian Sona

Star Guardian Sona is quiet and reflective. She spends her time away from the Guardians as a composer of music. However, as a fighter, Sona possesses incredible power, blasting enemies away with sonically charged starlight. Though she cannot speak, Sona makes her voice heard through deeds or her chatterbox familiar, Chizu.


To avail of one of these Star Guardian 2022 skins, download the latest League of Legends patch on your gaming PC.


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