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League of Legends Releases Snow Moon Skins

League of Legends has released a new set of skins called Snow Moon. The Snow Moon skins are part of the Blood Moon Universe, a series of alternate universe skins for League of Legends champions. The lore of the Blood Moon Universe is set on the mythos of Ionia. In this theme, the Blood Moon features champions as Ionian demons or cult worshippers of the Blood Moon. However, the Snow Moon skins are a new set released this year.

Champions who will feature the new skin include Caitlyn, Illaoi, and Kayn. Check out the new Snow Moon skins below:

Snow Moon Caitlyn

Using a tool of chilling acuity, Snow Moon Caitlyn is the most elite sniper in the group. Caitlyn’s calculating nature drew her to serve the Snow Moon-god. There were stories from a long time ago that Caitlyn experienced warmth in her heart. In her dreams, she has seen a wild, untamed figure in a world that is not meant for her.

Snow Moon Illaoi

Snow Moon Illaoi is the High Priestess of the Snow Moon-god. She imagines a world free of the madness that consumes it. Illaoi believes that her vision can only be realized once every soul is cleansed and every demon is ripped from its bindings. And to maintain order with icy resolve, Illaoi vows to stop at nothing. To start with, Snow Moon Illaoi’s own humanity is nothing but a fleeting memory.

Snow Moon Kayn

With the communion nearly complete, Snow Moon Kayn could feel that the Blood Moon demons were writhing within. It was at this time that the Snow Moon assassins struck. Stolen away from that temple into theirs, Snow Moon Kayn was inducted into the Snow Moon Order — with their ancient ways piercing and unfamiliar. Only time can tell how long the Blood Moon taming of his spirit holds.


The new Snow Moon skins feature new models and textures, VFX, SFX, and recall animation. Each cost 1350 RP. To avail of one of these Snow Moon skins, download the latest League of Legends patch on your gaming PC.

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