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No Man’s Sky Adds New Leviathan Expedition

No Man’s Sky Adds New Leviathan Expedition

No Man’s Sky adds time loops and space whales to its new Leviathan expedition. The update was released last May 25, 2022.

According to its developer, Hello Games, this newest adventure is unlike the other six expeditions. The previous expeditions are all game’s story-led events. The Leviathan expedition, on the other hand, represents a roguelike expedition. In this adventure, the player will repeatedly repeat the same sequence.

The players must start on the expedition and work together to break the loop cycle as a community. Dying will reset the progress, but the further players get in the game, the more the shared “universal memory” will increase.

Leviathan Expedition

The new expedition features better upgrades, which will allow players to go further and work towards breaking the loop and freeing themselves.

The developers also shared that the community has been asking for space whales. So this expedition will finally add those beasts to its universe. Its story will focus on the Leviathan, which has entered No Man’s Sky as a creature shrouded in mystery.

If the players successfully broke the loop and completed the expedition, they would be given several rewards. These rewards include the Space Whale, the Whale Stalker cloak, a Temporal Starship Trail, and an Organic Frigate for their base.

No Man’s Sky Updates

This year, No Man’s Sky has received several updates, including last month’s Outlaw’s update. This brings overhauled space combat and space pirates into the game. There was also the Sentinels Update which refreshes the game’s weapons.

While the Leviathan Expedition is the 20th major update in No Man’s Sky, its creator, Sean Murray, confirmed that the game isn’t finished by a long shot. You can download the update on your gaming PC. No Man’s Sky is an exploration and survival game where an infinite procedurally generated universe exists.


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