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Dead Space Remake Officially Gets Release Date

Dead Space Remake Officially Gets Release Date

EA finally announced the release date for the new Dead Space remake. During the live stream, EA confirms that the remake of the popular survival horror game will be out on January 27, 2023.

In addition to its release date, EA also releases new concept art for fans to check. While it doesn’t have any in-game footage, it offers an idea of what Dead Space’s remake version looks like.

Dead Space Remake Development

Dead Space Remake was first announced by EA in July 2021. The sci-fi horror game was released in 2008. It focuses on the story of Isaac Clarke. He is an engineer that must battle through a series of horrors called Necromorphs.

The game was first developed by Visceral Games. However, the company shut down in 2017. Its co-founder is working on a video game set PUBG universe titled The Callisto Protocol.

Today, EA Motive is currently developing the remake. The developers explained that they aim to retain the look and feel of the original game while using next-gen tech in this remake. The developers have already shown an early version of the game’s build. And they plan to do so while communicating with fans to get feedback. In fact, the developers already adjusted the weapons’ sound based on their feedback.

EA Motive also announces a full reveal of the Dead Space remake around Halloween. When the game releases next year, it will be available on gaming PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Dead Space

Dead Space is a sci-fi action horror video game. As a player, you take on the role of Isaac Clarke from a third-person perspective. You need to navigate and explore level-based sections in the spaceship called Ishimura. You will then complete narrative-based missions and solve physics-based puzzles within their environment. While going through these challenges, you also need to fight monsters called Necromorphs.

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