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League of Legends Releases Eclipse Knights Skins

League of Legends released new Eclipse Knights skins for champions: Kayle, Sejuani, Sivir, Aatrox, and Senna. The Eclipse Knights theme is set in an alternate universe. In this setting, the champions became monastic knights who slay the vile gods of the old world, using esoteric powers from the sun and moon.

Check out these new skins:

Sun-Eater Kayle

Sun-Eater Kayle wished to be with the divine she loved, thus devouring the primordial sun and steeping the land in an eternal eclipse. And now, she became the hated sun-eater. However, after consuming the sun, Kayle became mad with light. Unable to control her power, she passed fragments down to an army of witch knights. These villains aim to slew the other gods to fulfill an act of unforgivable blasphemy.

Solar Eclipse Sejuani

Solar Eclipse Sejuani is a Knight of the Eclipse. She patrols the border of the Elderwood on a great beast. Grim and wild at heart, she lives for the battle. Sejuani uses the forces of the Old Gods, not caring for the reason why.

Solar Eclipse Sivir

Solar Eclipse Sivir is a mercenary Eclipse Knight known for her skill in battle. However, due to her lack of chivalry, Sivir sells her services by eliminating witches and monsters who menace the countryside. She also ignores threats that do not prove lucrative. Though there are knights who find nobility in their stated purpose, Sivir cares naught but for the coin, promising to aid her order only in their final, dire hour.

Lunar Eclipse Aatrox

Lunar Eclipse Aatrox is one of the few who took up the mantle of the Eclipse Knights in the old days. He hopelessly pined for Kayle’s affections. Unfortunately, she would only ever love the blazing sun. And when Kayle devoured it, the entity’s lunar corona consumed him. Aatrox now only exists as Kayle’s monstrous, once-noble shadow, who will stay by her side forever.

Lunar Eclipse Senna

Lunar Eclipse Senna is an ancient knight long thought dead. Now that she is freed from the Eclipse Cathedral’s catacombs, Kayle begins to stir from her ancient slumber. Now, Senna aids her knighthood against the new threat of the Coven. Her goal is to save whoever she can from the resurrected Old Gods. Now, she remains ever vigilant as the sun eater’s return is now inevitable.


The Eclipse Knights are now available. To get one of these champion skins, update and download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC.

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