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League of Legends Anima 2022 Skins

League of Legends has a new skin set called Anima 2022 Squad. The skin features League of Legends champions in an alternate universe where a group of warriors defends the world from an invasion of an ancient high-tech army called Primordians.

Check out these League of Legends Anima 2022 skins:

Battle Bat Vayne

Battle Bat Vayne is the Anima squad’s premiere intel expert. She can infiltrate enemy strongholds to strike first, fast, and hard. The best thing about Vayne is that she is willing to do anything to ensure humanity’s survival. And that still applies even if it means she but heads with the leadership of Commander Fortune.

Battle Cat Jinx

Battle Cat Jinx is the team’s one-cat demolition. She has natural destructive impulses that can turn toward more productive ends, fighting off against Primordians. While she is not a soldier, she also doesn’t care about humanity’s cause and doesn’t follow any orders.

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune is the second person to take the title of the Anima Squad Commander after her predecessor’s mysterious disappearance. While the role is big shoes to fill, Sarah is a smart, skilled, and courageous person that promises to forge her own legend during this fight for humanity. This is considering that Riven, her predecessor, was a war hero. 

Battle Bunny Prime Riven

Battle Bunny Prime Riven was a volunteer leader for a group that would later on become Anima Squad. While losing many comrades in the early years of the Primordian invasion, she continued to fight for humanity. After a string of victories later, she became a famous war hero looked up to by everyone. But when the world needed her, she suddenly disappeared, and no one knew why.

Battle Wolf Sylas

Battle Wolf Sylas is the leader of the Wolf Team. It is a group of daring and ruthless forces under the Anima Squad. While Sylas rejects anyone who claims authority over him, he knows that there will be nothing left to fight for if humanity falls.


To avail of one of these skins, download the game’s latest patch on your gaming PC. Each of the skin costs 1350 RP.


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