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League of Legends Releases Arcana Skins 2022

League of Legends reveals a new set of Arcana skins 2022 for champions, including Ahri, Hecarim, Rakan, Ryze, and Xayah. The Arcana skins are a set of alternate universe skins in the game, where champions act as Archetypes, who each want to shape the world according to their vision.

Get to know more about these new Arcana skins:

Arcana Ahri

Arcana Ahri is a trickster and magician whose power she draws from the moon. She plies her trade by rearranging patterns, which allows the Lower World insight into the Higher. One of her notable works is setting the fated pair of Xayah and Rakan careening towards each other. She awaits the resulting chaos this may cause with a cynical bemusement.

Arcana Hecarim

Arcana Hecarim is also known as the Enforcer of the HigherWWorld. His ever-forward motion crushes those before him, carving new fates for those who are left in his wake. His goal is to stop the Rakan of the Lower World. He must prevent the calamitous disaster that can result from a fated love blooming between the two ill-fated stars: Rakan and Xayah.

Arcana Rakan

Arcana Rakan is the one half of the perpetually incomplete whole. However, Rakan’s other half was not from the Lower World but among the Higher Arcana from far above. As the two lovers rush to meet between the lands of their birth, fate bubbles and boils over. The Higher-Order fears that a new order may emerge from the roiling sea caused by these lovers.

Arcana Ryze

Arcana Ryze is a secret keeper and didact. His power dwells in his mind and hands. Sent from the Higher World, he is tasked with quietly solving the problems of the world. However, it comes with little fanfare or recognition. But this won’t stop him from fixing whatever chaos the fated lovers can cause before retreating back to obscurity.

Arcana Xayah

Arcana Xayah is the one half of a perpetually incomplete whole. She found her love not in the world of the Higher Arcana but in the Lower. As she strains to meet the Fated and pull him upwards towards herself, the tension frays and forms discordant knots, setting the stage for something new.


You can now buy one of these Arcana skins in League of Legends by updating the game on your gaming PC. These skins cost 1350 RP each.


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