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‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’ Steam Early Access Date & Trailer

A lot of gamers (including me) have been waiting for some type of pvp game involving evil spirits and human hunters. It appears that developer Vaulted Sky Games may (hopefully) have answered our prayers. Players take the role of either ghosts or hunters in their new 4v4 game, ‘Midnight Ghost Hunt.’

Ghosts can hide inside inconspicuous furniture and hurl themselves at invading Hunters. Hunters must find and destroy all of the Ghosts before the clock strikes mindnight.

When the clock strikes midnight, the lights flicker off and all dead Ghosts return as vengeful spirits. The tables turn, the Hunters become the Hunted and they must try to survive the Ghost onslaught until they can escape.

Hunters must work together using an array of hi-tech gadgets and weapons to hunt down and destroy Ghosts as they attempt to conceal themselves around Midnight Ghost Hunt’s chilling maps. The Spectrophone, Radar and Pathfinder can detect ghostly presences, while a range of sledgehammers, harpoons, and salt-spewing shotguns can be utilised to destroy the Ghosts. Use the Vacuum to hoover up any spectral remains.

Meanwhile, Ghost players possess seemingly innocuous objects in order to hide from the Hunters and bide their time until the witching hour. The spectres will want to keep moving to keep their ectoplasm buildup low or else risk being discovered by the Hunters. Ghosts also have the ability to claim supernatural powers, which include turning invisible, causing furniture to float, and conjuring a dangerous Ghostly miasma. Ghosts can even hide in plain sight by masquerading as a Hunter’s doppelgänger!

Developer Vaulted Sky Games and publisher Coffee Stain revealed a cinematic trailer for its ghoul-busting multiplayer title Midnight Ghost Hunt, announcing a Steam Early Access release date of March 31st and a price point of $19.99. There will also be a closed pre-launch beta starting on March 28th.

This cool new trailer begins with a seemingly tranquil scene in a lavish mansion, juxtaposed with tense shots of nervous Hunters arriving with their equipment at the scene. It then quickly devolves into a spine-tingling showcase of the game’s haunting premise – one in which prop hunt gets a surprising twist.

Ghosts battle ghost hunters in a hijinks-heavy tussle between the living and the dead, while spirits must possess objects in order to evade the hunters’ DIY gadgets and gizmos designed to detect and dispose of them.

“We’re so excited to unleash Midnight Ghost Hunt into the world,” said Sam Malone, creator and lead developer at Vaulted Sky Games. “It’s been such a labour of love and we can’t wait to see what crazy tactics new players come up with together – ones that even we haven’t thought of!”

“When we first saw Midnight Ghost Hunt, we immediately fell in love with it, and we’re so proud to finally present the result of all the hard work Sam and the team have invested over the years,” said Sebastian Badylak, Executive Producer at Coffee Stain Publishing. “It’s a project that’s grown from strength to strength involving multiple studios spread across the globe, and has been an absolute joy to play, both amongst ourselves and on public tests, since the very beginning. To see everyone working together so well despite the challenges of the pandemic is credit to everyone’s passion and confidence that the game will resonate with players.”

Key Features:

TONGUE-IN-CHEEK HIDE-AND-SEEK: As a Ghost, conceal yourself inside seemingly harmless pieces of furniture to evade preying Hunters… but when their backs are turned, turn the environment against them with telekinetic bombardment. No chair, lamp, or grandfather clock is innocent in this hijinks-heavy frenzy.

MIDNIGHT MAYHEM: The fun isn’t over yet…when the clock strikes twelve, the witching hour begins, and the Hunters become the Hunted. The tables turn and Ghosts become supercharged, giving Hunters a limited amount of time to survive their vengeful wrath.

MURDEROUS 4v4 MULTIPLAYER: Play together and communicate with your team and ensure a triumphant victory, giving each other pointers on the paths enemies tend to tread. Create synergies with your team’s abilities to outthink and outwit your opponents.

HARNESS SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES: The restrictions of reality don’t apply to Ghosts, of course. Claim your supernatural powers, which include turning invisible, causing furniture to float, and conjuring a dangerous Ghostly miasma. Ghosts can even hide in plain sight by masquerading as a Hunter’s doppelgänger! Ghostly Perks include avoiding traps with Untrappable, seeing nearby Hunters through walls with Perception, and extended possess range with Ghostly Reach.

ARMED AND READY: Hunters must choose their weapons from a full range of hi-tech gadgets designed to cast out Ghosts from our plane of existence. Detect ghostly presences with the Spectrophone, Radar and Pathfinder, capture them with a Trap, and suck up their spectral remains with the Vacuum – or just blast them to smithereens with the Spectral Cannon, sledgehammers, harpoons, salt-spewing shotguns, and more. Hunters can also select Perks to give them a special boost. Choose from Lightweight’s extra burst of speed, Healing Aura’s health-replenishing capabilities and a host of other powers to get ahead of the game.

A BEVY OF BLOOD-CURDLING MAPS: Explore an array of unsettling settings, including an abandoned theatre, eerie mansion and cursed pirate ship. Each location brings with it different tactical considerations and items to throw about… as well as varying opportunities to play tricks on your opponents.

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