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League of Legends Crystal Rose and Withered Rose Skins

League of Legends Crystal and Withered Rose Skins

League of Legends has released three new skins under the Crystal Rose skin line set in an alternate universe. The champions attend the annual Crystal Rose Festival to form alliances and negotiate truces. These three new skins include Crystal Rose Akshan, Crystal Rose Janna, and Withered Rose Elise.

Check out these new League of Legends Crystal and Withered Rose skins:

Crystal Rose Akshan

Crystal Rose Akshan is as roguish and handsome. He abandons his daring adventures each year just to make his highly-requested appearance at the festival. While he might be seen stealing a dance or two, Crystal Rose Akshan only has his eyes for one among the crowd. And the electrifying chemistry between them outshines their moral discrepancies.

Crystal Rose Janna

The people’s desire for peace brought about more than just a yearly festival. Crystal Rose Janna was born from this universal wish, a spirit whose magic hangs like a wreath over the night. And while people regarded her as nothing more than just a legend, some guests sometimes say they see a beautiful woman float by. Whether it’s a trick of the crystal rose’s light or not… we will never know.

Withered Rose Elise

Despite never receiving any formal invitation, Withered Rose Elise is always in attendance at every annual gala. There are rumors that she has been blocklisted by the people for spinning webs of lies. She likes forming and disbanding allegiances in the span of a single evening. People also said that men who pursue this alluring but mysterious woman never seemed to return to the festival.


These three new skins feature new models and textures, new VFX, new SFX, and new recall animation. To avail one of these skins for champions: Akshan, Janna, and Elise, you must download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC or gaming laptop. Each skin will cost you 1350 RP or $10.

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