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League of Legends Porcelain Skins 2022

League of Legends Porcelain Skins 2022

League of Legends released a new set of skins as part of the Lunar Revel Event. Champions that will feature League of Legends Porcelain skins include Amumu, Ezreal, Kindred, Lux, and Lissandra.

The Porcelain skins is a new series of alternate skins in the game. It is set in an alternate universe where powerful and ancient spirits of Zodiac Relics reside in porcelain artifacts. These ancient relics are guarded by the Protectors, a group of immortal guardians fighting evil forces set to get the power of the Zodiac Relics.

Here are the five new Porcelain skins:

Porcelain Amumu

A bond with the rat Relic made Amumu eternally young, his innocence contradicting his centuries of existence. And although he has been lonely in the past centuries, Lux and Kindred are now by his side. With Lux being the big sister and Kindred being his kindred. However, companionship hasn’t put an end to his occasional tantrums. But at least now, there are people to wipe and shine his porcelain eyes after his cathartic cry.

Porcelain Ezreal

While researching the university archive, Ezreal accidentally unleashes an ancient evil sorceress. Fortunately, he escaped death with the help of Lux and the spirit of the Tiger Relic, which turned him into Porcelain Protector Ezreal. And although he is new to the world of magic, Ezreal joined the Protectors and is determined to help them solve the problem he has caused.

Porcelain Kindred

Kindred was once a skilled hunter and her fierce hound. The two were so bonded in their past lives that their souls remained together when they were placed and preserved inside the dog Zodiac’s relic. Now that two are halves of the one soul. Together, they mentor generations of Protectors like Lux and Amumu. And as the Protectors, they stand to guard over the ancient magic that keeps them alive eternally.

Porcelain Lissandra

Centuries ago, a sorceress named Lissandra stole the Snake Relic from the ancient Protectors to gain immortality. After being caught, the Protectors sealed her away for her crimes. And for hundreds of years, Lisandra spent her solitude scheming a way to take all the twelve Zodiac relics for herself, waiting for the perfect time. Now that Ezreal has unleashed her, who knows what she can do to achieve her goal.

Porcelain Lux

Porcelain Lux is the current leader of the Protectors. She wields the rabbit Relic and is determined to keep her sunny disposition despite a busy schedule. Aside from being a Protector, Lux also has arduous sorcery training. She is also a newbie archeologist who unfortunately stumbled into their ranks. And now, there is also the sudden threat of an awakened evil out for vengeance. She just hopes that she can handle everything.


To get these skins, make sure that you download the latest game patch on your gaming PC or laptop. League of Legends is a F2P MOBA game from Riot Games.

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