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League of Legends Firecracker Skins 2022

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, League of Legends has released a new set of skin lines for its Lunar Revel Event. This skin line is called the Firecracker skins, giving a whole new look for five champions, including Diana, Sett, Teemo, Tristana, and Xin Zhao.

Check out these new Firecracker skins:

Firecracker Diana

Firecracker Diana is called the Lady of the Moon. Market stalls offer her their wares freely in the hope of receiving blessings for the New Year. And Diana is always happy to oblige, even if it means getting stopped by another well-wisher. Luckily, Diana’s festival buddies are patient.

Firecracker Sett

Firecracker Sett is best known for his talents for brawling. However, few people realize that Sett is also an accomplished Lion Dancer. Apparently, you need a similar skill set for both, and it’s all about good footwork. Being fierce and with the charisma to wow the crowd — no one does Lion Dancing better than Sett.

Firecracker Teemo

Firecracker Teemo is known for his special steamed dumplings. He cooks and offers them in celebration of the New Year. But these dumplings are unique because they explode with a punch. And as much of a punch as the bill for all the property damage it causes.

Firecracker Tristana

Firecracker Tristana is the master of fireworks, one every year’s revel. She works hard to create a fireworks show that festival-goers will never forget. Now that the New Year is here again, she is excited to sit back and enjoy the night with her friends. However, she saves some of her best explosions for last.

Firecracker Xin Zhao

Firecracker Xin Zhao is a famous man. Every New Year, he hands out lots of red envelopes. But aside from being generous, Xin Zhao is also a reliable protector who keeps his chaotic friends from any explosive mischief. He does this with a calm and casual grace that leaves everyone swooning.


To avail of these skins, make sure to download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC. Aside from the Firecracker skins, League of Legends is also releasing another skin line for the Lunar New Year Event — The Porcelain skin line.


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