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Century: Age of Ashes – Guide to Collecting More Dragons

We love this cool little dragon battle game Century: Age of Ashes, and many others do to. But dragons can be a little hard to come by. But guess what? Players can unlock tons of different breeds of dragons through a variety of different means.

Century: Age of Ashes is a new, free-to-play action game. Players get to fly around using Century’s unique dragons and to fight one another, making this multiplayer adventure title unique. While players start the game with one color of dragon, different breeds and colors can be unlocked throughout the game.

So there are a number of ways players can unlock new dragon looks in the indie PC game Century: Age of Ashes.

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These methods include:

Buying Founder’s Packs

Battle Pass Rewards

Leveling up



Skin Codes

Buying Founder’s Packs in Century

There are currently three Founder’s Packs in Century: Age of Ashes that players can purchase through Steam. These packs not only support the developers of this free-to-play game, but they also allow players to unlock more dragon breeds too. The three Founder’s Packs levels that include skins for dragons are:

Wyvern Founder’s Pack – $19.99 USD

Leviathan Founder’s Pack – $39.99 USD

Behemoth Founder’s Pack – $59.99 USD

Each of these packs gets players a bunch of in-game items, and they include an Epic Dragon Skin for the Phantom. The most expensive pack also includes a Legendary Dragon Skin for the Windguard.

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Unlocking Skins with Battle Pass Rewards in Century

Many people don’t know that Century: Age of Ashes has a Battle Pass, and players can level it in order to guarantee themselves an egg. Players automatically receive eggs from certain levels in the Pass. This is also a great way to earn silver coins, a premium currency used in the game’s shop in order to buy exclusive and hard-to-get items. This includes even more dragon eggs which will hatch into new dragon skins.

Unlocking Skins by Leveling Up in Century

You can also level up by playing Century and can earn a new Dragon Egg for every ten levels you reach. The basic concept behind Century: Age of Ashes’ gameplay is all about raising dragons from eggs, riding them into battle, and making sure that any new eggs are being taken care of so they will hatch. Players that complete all these tasks will gain XP and levels, which will grant them even more free eggs to hatch.

Completing Weeklies in Century

Just like some of the other great online multiplayer games out there, players will have weekly quests to complete in Century: Age of Ashes. Similar to the weeklies in MMOs like World of Warcraft or even battle royales like Fortnite, these quests are available for the week before they disappear and are replaced by new ones for the new week. Players can complete one of these quests a day to collect a key. At the end of the week, players can use those seven keys to unlock a Weekly chest. These chests have a 10% chance to drop a brand new Dragon Egg for players to hatch.

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How to Earn Gems in Century: Age of Ashes

There are both free and paid options for you to earn gems in Century. Collect the premium currency gems, which are the only way to buy skins in the shop, by unlocking daily chests, weekly chests, or by leveling a character. Players can also convert gold or other currencies into gems once a day in the store. Players can also use gems to buy unique skins for their Century: Age of Ashes class weapons, armor, shields, and more.

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