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Best Weapons and Best Artifacts for Ganyu

Ganyu is one of the two latest playable characters Genshin Impact players can pull, alongside Zhongli, on their respective Wish Banners. Ganyu is a Cryo-bow user that can deal AoE damage with her skills. But the best thing about Ganyu is her Charged Attack which allows her to deal constant high damage to multiple opponents in one shot.

But to fully get Ganyu’s high-based DPS, you need to equip her with the right weapons and the right artifacts in the game. Below is the best build you can follow for Ganyu.

Check the best weapons and best artifacts for Ganyu:

Best Weapons for Ganyu

  • Amos’ Bow – This weapon increases Ganyu’s Normal Attack and Aimed Shot Damage by 18%. It also increases Damage by 12% for every 0.1 seconds that an arrow is in flight. It can stack up to five times on each arrow.
  • Thundering Pulse – This weapon increases Attack by 20% and grants Thunder Emblem. The Normal Attack Damage will further increase by 12/40/40% at its first to the third stack. Each stack has an individual duration:
    • Normal Attacks with Elemental Damage with a duration of 5 seconds
    • Casting an Elemental Skill with a duration of 10 seconds
    • Having less than 100% Energy will disappear once Ganyu gains full Energy.
  • Prototype Crescent – This weapon will increase Movement Speed by 10% if Aimed Shot hits weak points. Ganyu’s attack is also increased by 36% for 10 seconds.

Best Artifacts for Ganyu

  • Wanderer’s Troupe x4 – This artifact set will increase Ganyu’s Elemental Mastery by 80. It also increases her Charged Attack Damage by 35%.
  • Noblesse Oblige x2 and Blizzard Strayer – This artifact set will give Ganyu an increase of Elemental Burst Damage by 20% and a Cryo Damage Bonus of 15%.
  • Martial Artist x4 – This is an artifact set for early-level gamers. The set can increase Ganyu’s Normal Attack and Charged Attack Damage by 15%. And after Ganyu uses Elemental Skill, her Normal Attack and Charged Attack Damage will increase by 25% for 8 seconds.


By following this build guide, you can rest assured that you will optimize Ganyu’s full potential. To pull for Ganyu, make sure to download the latest update of Genshin Impact on your gaming PC.

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