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Kinetic Series Case: Review Roundup

If you have been keeping up with the buzz surrounding CES 2022, you most likely have seen our latest case design, the Kinetic Series. According to the Kinetic Case’s product designer Namanh Hoang, The inspiration behind this case’s unique design was Kinetic Architecture, the concept through which buildings are designed to allow parts of their structure to move, not just for the sake of the design, but with a purpose in mind. As such, the case features 18 individually controlled vents that open and close, according to the systems current temperatures.

Currently the case is planned to launch in the 3rd quarter of this year. We’ve loved seeing and hearing the publics and critics reactions, positive and negative, to what we think is a welcome change to the current PC chassis market. We’ve put together this article with the goal of providing a central location for you to see what various tech reviewers are saying about the Kinetic Series. We’re so excited to see the buzz surrounding the Kinetic Series, and we are also grateful for all of the feedback, critiques, and comments that people are telling us about the case. With this feedback in mind, we are excited to continue improving the Kinetic Series as we head towards it’s launch later this year.

“I am not sure who, if anyone, was asking for the ability to turn their airflow down, but, that doesn’t matter! What matters is that this thing looks like a mechanical eldritch horror that will eat your hand if you stick it in there. And that my friends, is what the CES Season is all about.” – Linus sebastian

Extreme Tech
“CyberPowerPC’s kinetic chassis is actually a good example of a design that adds some visual flair to a system and helps it perform better — theoretically.”

“Why triangles? Why this origami style and not just some valves? Why such a complex arrangement doomed to get clogged with dust? Hello, because it looks awesome.”

PC World
“This futuristic case features a set of small, angular panels on its front that automatically open and close to manage airflow. Between the geometric design, sleek white and copper aesthetic, and mechanical wizardry, it looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.”

 “It (CyberPowerPC) also stated that this design was meant to show the rest of the industry what’s really possible. If this design catches on, it will be exciting to see what other companies have up their sleeves in the future for intelligent desktop design.”

“(The Kinetic Series Case) might be the coolest to hit the market ever — literally.”

“CyberPowerPC had one of the most unique concept PC cases at CES 2022 with a huge tease of its “KINETIC” case, that intelligently adjusts the ventilation on the front of the case in real-time… like, it moves as if it were alive, and it’s freaking awesome.”

“We haven’t really seen any kind of PC case like this.” … “This does seem a little over the top for a PC case. But there are a lot of gamers who feel that a cool-looking PC is almost as important as how well the PC performs.”

Games Radar
“The visual design is striking with its triangular Art Deco geometry and color scheme, especially when the front vents are opened up revealing the case fans behind. Now the best gaming PCs can rep some stellar style.”

Game News 24
“Have you ever wanted a PC case that could breathe?At CES, CyberPowerPC is showing off a computer chassis that opens and closes the drippings on the case? Because of the sound, the PC doesn’t seem alive”.

Tech Unwrapped
“But on this last point, we must admit that Kinetic boxes are certainly the most original that we have been able to discover for a very long time. They are trimmed with a triangular pattern which gives them quite an interesting texture. The real surprise, on the other hand, is hidden at the level of the front facade; here, this surface pattern gives way to a tangle of small articulated triangular panels.”

“Bypassing CES 2022 for a safer unveiling, CyberPowerPC and the new Syber reveals promise to take PC gaming to a higher level in 2022 starting with the KINETIC-series gaming chassis.”

Digital Trends
“This year’s CES has ushered in an exciting era of technology with a range of distinctive products, but have you ever seen a PC case that can essentially breathe?”

“Whether it’s aesthetically pleasing or not falls to personal preference, but it’s hard to deny that this is a case you’re either going to like or hate — it’s hard to stay ambivalent when faced with such a unique design.”

“A software interface will allow users to customize and adjust the temperature ranges from which the venting actuations will activate as well as quick buttons to fully open or close the vents with one click.”

“What if your gaming computer could breathe, opening its “mouths” wide to gulp in air when it got too hot, or shuttering its orifices to keep out dust and reduce noise? That’s the idea behind CyberPowerPC’s somewhat unsettling Kinetic series PC case.”

“The CyberPowerPC Kinetic Case will showcase an artistic aesthetic when in operation to make it one PC cabinet that users won’t have to hide away in their workstation.”

“The proposed design should help reduce the level of noise and the amount of dust that gets into the computer. At the same time, the gaps between the motorized sections and the triangular holes in the upper part of the case ensure that a certain amount of air always flows into the PC.”

“Let’s face it, the future has turned out to be depressingly mundane. CyberPowerPC are here to save us with a PC case that’s oozing in cyberpunk goodness. The Kinetic Series case doesn’t just look like it’s jetted in from Deus Ex, it also has vents that open and close as your system gets hotter and colder. What’s more cyberpunk than that?”

WTF?! Worried that PC case designers might be running out of ideas? CyberPowerPC has proved that innovation isn’t dead with its Kinetic Series, which features 18 motorized triangular vents and looks like something straight out of Deus Ex.”

Tom’s Guide

“What’s rare is truly weird tech from a major manufacturer. The Cyberpower PC Kinetic case looks like something out of a David Cronenberg movie: a facsimile of a living thing, warped beyond recognition, but just familiar enough to be unsettling.”

Think Computers
“CyberPowerPC has a new patent-pending concept chassis which they are calling “KINETIC” which has a front panel design that intelligently opens and closes based on the temperature of your PC.”

Dude I want that
“Breathe in – ooohhh! – breathe out – aaahhh!. CyberPowerPC has just unveiled their Kinetic Series Chassis, an eye-catching PC case inspired by kinetic architecture, and made up of 108 triangular panels that form 18 moving, individually controlled vents. As the vents open and close, the 3D geometric design on the chassis looks like it’s “breathing.””

“If nothing else, the CyberPowerPC’s Kinetic case is both stunning to look at and features a Deus Ex aesthetic. “

“I love this uncalled-for new PC case with expanding and contracting vents that react to the machine’s ambient internal temperature. The Kinetic Series case comes from CyberPowerPC, which swears that it didn’t stick irises of Deus Ex triangles on a PC just because it looks cool. In fact, it’s not even supposed to look cool. “

“This newly imagined case from CyberpowerPC simulates what looks like a breathing machine, and with some sounds, it even may simulate that behavior. “

The FPS Review
“CyberpowerPC has announced a new family of PC cases that boast a one-of-a-kind feature to help keep temperatures in check.”

“We’ve seen some weird and wonderful ways of keeping our gaming PCs cool over the years, but CyberPowerPC may have come up with one of the strangest – yet also strangely elegant – solutions with its new Kinetic chassis.”

“The quirky and eye-catching PC cases, especially the motorized PC cases, are usually what you would expect from a CES In Win or Razer concept.However Cyber ​​power Played that role in the Kinetic Series this year.”

Tom’s Hardware
“Outlandish, eye-catching PC cases–especially motorized ones–are typically the kind of thing we’d expect from InWin at CES, or maybe from a Razer concept. But Cyberpower has stepped into that role this year with its Kinetic Series, a case that features 18 motorized triangular vents that react to internal temperatures, opening up to allow more airflow to your cool air-loving components.”

“Ever wanted a PC case that could breathe? At CES, CyberPowerPC is showing off a desktop chassis that automatically opens and closes vents on the case. The effect makes the PC seem almost alive as it cools down and brings in more air. “

The Verge
“I’m a sucker for RGB fans in my PC, but CyberPowerPC’s new PC case goes one step further to turn a typical tower into a breathing computer. It has 18 mechanical vents that automatically open and close when your PC needs some more air, and it looks like something you’d expect to find in a video game like Control. It’s very cool-looking.”


Hardware Zone
“Looks so cool and futuristic look. No sure if anyone consider shipping their case into SG “

Windows Central
“CyberPowerPC may be a brand you’re familiar with for putting together custom desktops that are ready to go, but the company is working on some interesting chassis ideas for PC builders. A new development, codenamed KINETIC, allows a prototype case to adjust ventilation on the front panel, depending on the requirements of the system cooling at that time.”

PC World
“Is it alive? That might be your first thought when you see CyberPower’s new Kinetic Series PC in action. At a glance, it looks like it’s breathing.”

Input Magazine
“Pretty much all the popular computer cases these days follow the same blocky design formula of clear side panels, mesh front panels and maybe some cool LED strips. There are exceptions like Teenage Engineering’s computer-1, but they’re far from mainstream (or budget-friendly). CyberPowerPC didn’t stray too far from the tried-and-true design, but they revamped the front panel with form and function in mind.”

Hardcore Gamer
“Looking for new ways to innovate desktop chassis for computer builds, CyberPowerPC has unveiled a new technology that is thinking outside of the box. At CES 2022, CyberPowerPC has unveiled its KINETIC desktop chassis.”

Hot Hardware
CES 2022 is fully under way in Las Vegas, even as many companies cancelled on-site presentations this year due to the pandemic. This, however, has not stopped all those companies from making big announcements. CyberPowerPC is one of those companies and it just announced a new PC case that moves (quite literally) to beat of its own drum. Or breath of its own lungs, as it were.”

“CyberPowerPC kicked off CES 2022 with something unique, their Kinetic Series Chassis, which was inspired by kinetic architecture.”

“CyberPowerPC surprises CES 2022 with their new idea chassis with the moniker of ‘KINETIC’ making a lifelike look via air dissipation”

Hi Consumption
“To say that PCs have come a long way in their evolution would be the understatement of the century. It seems that not a week can pass without a tech giant unveiling a new innovation for one of its computers. Thankfully, due to CES, we’re being treated with a salvo of groundbreaking PCs from companies throughout the space. While they all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, one of the PCs that really caught our attention was CyberPowerPC’s Kinetic Series Case.”

“Dust is no friend to your desktop PC, but neither are overheating innards. Proper ventilation is a must if you want to avoid the latter, and CyberPower PC has found a unique way of letting massive amounts of air flow through one of its cases without just poking it full of holes. At the same time, it has turned it into a funky, vaguely menacing work of PC chassis art.”

“The Kinetic Series gaming chassis that CyberPowerPC announced at CES 2022 left us in awe and feeling as though we had just stepped into the future. The design is not only meant to be aesthetic, but also serves a functional purpose.”


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