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Apex Legends Dark Depths Event Coming Soon

Apex Legends has been delivering a squad-based battle royale experience with a uniquely Respawn flavor, for a while now. Players select from one of eight Legends – each with their own unique abilities and playstyles – and the last team standing wins.

Players of the game can choose from unique characters like Bloodhound, the tracker who can see recent enemy activity on the map, or Lifeline, a battlefield medic who can shield teammates and bring them back from the brink of death. Balanced squads and teamwork are critical, as each Legend is easy to pick up and learn, but challenging to master.

More recently, Apex Legends is showcasing several new genre-leading innovations, starting before players even start the match. Once players are ready to begin, they’ll choose their drop point with the Jumpmaster system, giving each squad full control over exactly where they drop in. Is it smarter to head straight for the most valuable loot and risk early conflict with other teams, or make for one of the outlying areas to plot an attack and let other squads pick each other off?

Apex Legends Dark Depths Start Date, Rewards and More ...

Between January 11th and February 1st, we’re going deep into a new event featuring a new Arenas map, themed cosmetics, and Flash Events!

The waters of Storm Point may look clear, but our Legends know that danger lies within. Channel oceanic myths and folklore and discover a brand new Arenas map called Habitat in the Dark Depths Event.

The dangerous Storm Point is just one of many islands in the New Antillia archipelago. Habitat 4 is one of the smallest islands in the chain, and is best known as a Leviathan breeding ground. Early IMC research groups were surprised to find that a large population of local Leviathans gravitated toward the island, and designated Habitat 4 as an ethology base to study the creatures’ behavior. It’s been over a century since then, and while the IMC is gone, the gentle giants they studied here remain.

Many don’t know this, but Habitat 4 was inspired by Leviathans and how it would feel to fight in their breeding grounds. It represents the developer’s vision of an arena established in a natural environment, while holding true to the tentpoles of arena design. With that being said, one of Habitat 4’s key features is a large waterfall. Through the passage of time it has eroded the landscape, forming trenches and terraces of varied elevation. Making this island a paradise for slides and quick getaways.

Apex Legends Dark Depths Event: Release Date, Skins, Modes And Everything You Need To Know

Teams of players will have plenty of options and choices to make from the start. Do you make a play for the quick high ground to get a read on the enemy? Or do you take a sneakier approach?

There are two primary POIs that rest on higher ground on opposing sides: the Cave and the Nest. The Nest is full of precious, giant Leviathan eggs which make for great cover, as the hardened egg shells are tough as steel. The focus is mid to long range combat with a great vantage point of the map.

The big eggs and rocky terrain offer multiple flanking options and rotations for Legends that like to get closer. Lateral ziplines near the frontlines also provide opportunity for Legends to support their team quickly when divided or outnumbered.

And on the opposing side of the Nest, the enclosed space of the Cave offers a sense of security and protection. Fights are focused on mid-range and close combat, allowing for a variety of strategies and fast pushes on timely shield breaks. Sacrificing cover and controlling the Cave’s center will give you a leg up, as it overlooks the map’s mid-field and one of the airdrops.

If things get too crazy, Legends can use the Cave’s waterslide as a fast getaway or to quickly move towards the Nest. Wildlife enthusiasts might notice Flyers as they frequently rest in the Cave’s canopy above. However, they often end up as food for newly hatched Leviathans…

Apex Legends Dark Depths Event Details | What to Expect | TechRaptor

Plan your escape now, and visit Habitat 4.

The Flash Events during Dark Depths are basically individual prize tracks per week. So each week there will be a new set of unique prizes + 1 unique badge players can earn by completing challenges. Here’s a look at some of the rewards that will be available each week:

January 11th to January 18th

Key prizes include: Apex Packs, Epic Holospray, Load Screen

January 18th to January 25th

Key prizes include: Apex Pack, Valkyrie Epic Holospray, 1 Dark Depths Pack

January 25th to February 1st

Key prizes include: Epic Revenant Holospray, Epic Alternator Skin, Epic Revenant Skin

These are just some of the rewards you’ll be able to earn!

Unlock some amazing themed cosmetics that turn the Legends into terrors from the deep. Purchase Legendary skins for Ash, Horizon, Lifeline and Fuse – or get a guaranteed new themed item in a Dark Depths Pack (not available in all regions) and unlock cosmetics, weapon charms, trackers and more. Buy bundles or themed packs (not available in all regions) to complete matching cosmetic sets for each Legendary skin, and complete daily and weekly challenges to earn prizes on the rewards track.

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