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How to Choose a Gaming Keyboard for Your PC

The gaming keyboard is one of your PC build’s most essential gaming gears. But with many keyboards and brands available in the market, you may end up confused and frustrated finding the suitable unit for your gaming PC. This is why we create this thorough guideline that can help you choose and buy the right gaming keyboard for your gaming PC.

How to Choose a Gaming Keyboard for Your PC

  1. Consider the type of keyboard you want to buy.
  2. Choose whether you need a mechanical or membrane keyboard.
  3. Check the build quality of the keyboard.
  4. Buy a keyboard with anti-ghosting features.
  5. Choose a keyboard that has Macro customization.
  6. Check the backlighting feature.
  7. Consider your budget and the keyboard price.

1 – Consider the type of keyboard you want to buy.

Gaming keyboards come in different sizes. But as a typical rule, they come in two types: full-size keyboards and tenkeyless keyboards. Keyboard size is a factor most gamers consider when choosing a gaming keyboard. But still, you should select a keyboard depending on your usual games and personal comfort.

If you’re the type of user that will need all the keys in the game, then it is suggestible that you use a full keyboard. However, if you’re looking for a smaller one, go for a tenkeyless keyboard. Another thing to consider when using tenkeyless is that it allows you to keep the mouse closer to the WASD keys, which is comfortable for most gamers.

2 – Choose whether you need a mechanical or membrane keyboard.

Another factor you should consider when buying a gaming keyboard is whether you need a mechanical or a membrane. The difference is that mechanical keyboards can minimize ghosting. Most gamers also like the old-school aesthetics that they are used to. However, mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane keyboards.

On the other hand, membrane keyboards are more affordable, yet they can deliver a good typing experience. It uses a tactile keystroke on each key which feels different than the mechanical type. However, suppose your game requires you to type fast. In that case, we still recommend choosing a mechanical gaming keyboard over a membrane keyboard.

3 – Check the build quality of the keyboard.

When it comes to gaming, button-mashing is a common occurrence. As much as you would like to tap the keyboards as light as possible, it is very unavoidable when it comes to playing fast-paced games. This is why it is crucial to check the build quality of your gaming keyboard.

You can consider buying high-end keyboards if you have the budget. These high-end keyboards have metal backplates and can last longer than plastic keyboards. They also eliminate the risk of bending. If you like to save money, you can instead choose high-quality keyboards which are oil-resistant.

The standard plastic keyboards are usually made from PVC. They are inexpensive. However, they can break easily. But there is another option of a plastic keyboard that is more durable. These are keyboards made from ABS or Thermoplastic Polymer. They are resistant to natural oils and can withstand forceful keystrokes.

4 – Buy a keyboard with anti-ghosting features.

The best gaming keyboards in the market all have built-in anti-ghosting features. Ghosting refers to when the computer will register incorrect keys instead of the ones you pressed. This is very common if you’re playing a fast-paced game and you’re using more than one key simultaneously. And most of the time, the keys that register are those nearby from the key you pressed.

Thus, ghosting is a big issue that gamers have. So it is best if you can buy a gaming keyboard with the anti-ghosting feature. And most of the time, mechanical keyboards have this feature, which is why many gamers prefer them over the options.

5 – Choose a keyboard that has Macro customization.

Macro customization refers to a keyboard feature that allows users to map keys to game functions for themselves. For example, you can change the function of the PrintScreen button so that it may bring up your in-game inventory. This is a handy feature, especially for gamers playing MMORPG, which requires tapping on several keys to execute multiple skills and abilities.

Some keyboards also allow you to save several macro sets for each game. A macro key can also launch with Steam or Discord. Upon opening these gaming libraries, you can load game-specific presets.

6 – Check the backlighting feature.

All gaming keyboards have backlighting features. Some come with a single color, while others feature a full RGB color consisting of over 16 million colors. Keyboards with single color backlighting allow the user to adjust its brightness and nothing else.

Keyboards with full RGB backlighting, on the other hand, can let users do individual key color customization. It also has color shift, wave, or breath effects. This is why many gamers prefer full RGB keyboards, as they look way cooler than single-color backlit keyboards. But with features such as this, they are way more expensive than the latter. However, the backlighting feature you want for your keyboard depends on your preference.

7 – Consider your budget and the keyboard price.

Lastly, you need to consider your budget and the keyboard price. Keyboard prices usually range from $30 to $300, depending on its build and features. However, you shouldn’t buy the most expensive keyboard right away, thinking they are the best option. Sometimes, a $100 gaming keyboard can perform better than a $300 one.

Thus, be wise when buying a gaming keyboard. If ever you are willing to spend money on your keyboard purchase, make sure that the unit has these following features:

  • macro customization
  • customizable backlighting
  • change switch types
  • durability

Most importantly, you need to consider the brand and the retailer where you’re buying the keyboard. This way, you will be sure that your new gaming keyboard will have a warranty, and they can provide you with the proper technical support in case you need it in the future.



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