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How to Buy a Gaming Headset for your Gaming PC

How to Buy a Gaming Headset for your Gaming PC
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A gaming headset is an integral part of your gaming PC experience. There are different brands in the market, but you still need to have the right idea of what to look for when buying a new gaming headset. This is why we created this guide on buying a gaming headset for your gaming PC.

When buying a gaming headset, the audio features and its build quality are important. A great gaming headset should have the correct elements to help you enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest.

How to Buy a Gaming Headset for Gaming PC

  1. Choose your preferred audio.
  2. Wired or wireless gaming headsets?
  3. Check the build quality.
  4. Consider the unit’s noise isolation.
  5. Consider its surround sound.
  6. Examine its built-in microphone.
  7. Check the aesthetics.

1 – Choose your preferred audio.

Compared to standard headphones, gaming headphones have a better audio and mic quality. They have better audio and microphone, primarily since they are used for gaming. This way, users can completely immerse themselves in their gaming content.

Most gaming headsets feature a virtual surround sound and an on-headset button for easy configuration. Depending on its manufacturer, they also have a built-in mic that can be retractable or detachable. Its built-in mic also has features like noise-cancellation and bi-directionality. This is so you can communicate in-game with co-players without the need to worry about technical details involved in setting it up.

2 – Wired or wireless gaming headsets?

There are two kinds of gaming headsets, a wired and wireless one. But most of the time, a wireless headset also offers a wired connection option. Compared to wireless headsets, wired headsets are more affordable. A wired headset comes with cables that you use to connect that headphone or headset to a compatible audio source. The cable connection can be either a 3.5mm jack cable or USB port. They are also convenient to use as you won’t need to charge them or need batteries to run.

On the other hand, wireless headsets don’t have cables but instead use Bluetooth technology or a wireless USB dongle to connect to your gaming PC. Compared to wired headphones, using wireless headphones have fewer restrictions. As long as you’re within the connection range, you can use pretty much any position while using them. You don’t need to worry whether you might pull out the cable or something, even if you suddenly stand from your chair.

3 – Check the build quality.

When buying a headset, build quality should be one of the biggest priorities you should consider. Its build can affect the durability of the unit and its comfortability when wearing it. A good quality headset is made from comfortable materials and designs to better suit them for long gaming hours.

To check the quality build of your gaming headset, you should check its earcups, the headbands, the clamping force, and weight. Overall, these materials will decide whether the gaming headset is suitable for your gaming needs. A good choice will be a headset designed to minimize possible complications a user can get from wearing the headset for longer hours. These issues include neck and ear pen and hearing damage.

4 – Consider the unit’s noise isolation.

A gaming headset should have good noise isolation and active noise cancellation. Passive noise isolation means your headset can block sound from outside sources using its physical design. This is why a good isolation property usually has a design that has closed backs and tight fits. This helps secure the seal and isolate any ambient sounds.

Active noise isolation is effective at isolating higher-pitched sounds. It is also good if your gaming headset has a noise cancellation feature as it is better at filtering noise sound. It can block sounds such as ambient noise or the typical chatter from the background.

5 – Consider its surround sound.

The surround sound gives gamers omnidirectional hearing. There are three kinds of surround sound, stereo, virtual, and 3D. A stereo headset can play audio out of its right and left speakers. On the other hand, a virtual surround headset can alter the same audio so the sound from multiple directional speakers.

Last but not least, the 3D surround sound is a great feature that lets its wearer hear precisely from where the sound should be coming visually. The 3D virtual sound may be surrounded by a few games for now. Still, it gives a more precise and realistic listening experience. So one can expect that it will become the mainstream soon.

6 – Examine its built-in microphone.

A good headset should have a good built-in microphone. When choosing a microphone that is attached to your headset, you need to look at these three things:

  • The built-in microphone should have noise-canceling properties. This will improve voice clarity and minimize outside noises or distractions.
  • It should have a convenient mute function.
  • Its microphone should be able to deliver better voice quality.

7 – Check the aesthetics.

While you may be gaming indoors, some gamers still like to consider the aesthetic design of your gaming headset. So if you’re investing in a good gaming headset, why not choose a unit with an attractive design? Some designs are over-the-top, while some are simple. But still, it all goes down to your personal preferences.

Aside from their colors and design, some gaming headsets have an RGB function. This feature can light up your headset with vibrant colors. But sometimes, its RGB colors can also indicate if the user is connected to the gaming PC. But there are times that the RGB function is just for aesthetic purposes.

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