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How to Buy a Gaming Mouse for Your Gaming PC

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Although you don’t need a gaming mouse to play your favorite video games on your PC, it might help your gaming experience a lot. Unlike a regular mouse, a gaming mouse is designed to have an advanced optical or laser sensor. This delivers faster and precise movements that are highly needed in video games, especially in MOBA, FPS, and MMORPG. A gaming mouse also has several functions that a typical PC mouse doesn’t have. For example, they have extra buttons to accommodate on-the-fly adjustments, including sensitivity and speed. If you want to look for the best gaming mouse to use on your gaming PC, then you found the right article. Here’s a guide on how to buy a gaming mouse for your gaming PC.

1 – Know your grip style.

Your mouse grip style is crucial as it will determine the shape of the mouse you will be most comfortable with. There are generally three grip styles: (1) palm grip, (2) tip grip, and (3) claw grip. Here is the difference between the three:

  • Palm Grip – is the standard grip used by gamers. In this grip, your fingers lay flat on the mouse button while your palm rests on the mouse’s body.
  • Tip Grip – refers to the grip type where your index, middle, and ring fingers lie on the left, center (wheel), and mouse buttons. Your palm, on the other hand, does not touch the body of the mouse. While your thumb grips the side of the mouse.
  • Claw Grip – is a grip style that mixes tight and tip grip. Your palm rests on the back edge of the mouse. While the finger and thumb are placed towards the buttons.

Your grip style usually depends on the type of games you are playing. But specific types of gaming mice may favor different kinds of grips. For example, larger and broader mice are suitable for palm grip. While shorter mice are perfect for gamers with a tight grip. 

2 – Choose whether you want an optical or laser mouse.

There are three types of mouse sensors: laser, optical, and infrared. You need to choose which sensor you prefer the most. Gaming mice with laser sensors are the most common. Its advantage is that the mouse can work on almost any surface. However, the off-part of the laser mouse can cause problems when the mouse reaches the edge of its mousepad.

This is the reason why most professional gamers prefer optical mice over laser gaming mice. However, you need to buy a quality mouse mat to ensure that the optical sensor accurately reads the surface. There are also 3G infrared gaming mice. This type reduces the lift-off distance problems that gamers encounter with laser sensor mouse. Infrared gaming mice can also work on different gaming surfaces.

3 – Check the gaming mouse’s DPI.

Gaming mouse declares its sensor sensitivity in its specifications or packaging. It is measured in dots per inch (dpi). The higher the DPI of the gaming mouse sensor, the less physical distance it needs to move the mouse to get the same cursor movement to the screen. If you buy a high DPI mouse, it will be better for your hand movements. However, you should have a steady hand and be precise to deliver accurate cursor movements.

If your games need fast hand movements, you should buy a mouse with a low DPI to maintain accuracy. While players who have small hand movements will need a mouse with a higher DPI to remain accurate. If you prefer, you can buy a gaming mouse that can adjust its DPI settings. This allows users to switch to a low DPI or high DPI.

4 – Choose whether you want a wired or wireless mouse.

Wireless gaming mice are considered by most people as they reduce the tangle of wires. However, these mice rely on radio waves to send signals to the receiver, which delays the cursor response. However, the latest gaming wireless mouse in the market is lag-free. But if you want the fastest response, then choose a wired/corded mouse.

Another thing to consider if you want to buy a wireless mouse is that they rely on batteries. Unfortunately, batteries can add weight which will be an issue if you prefer a light mouse. There are also advanced gaming mice in the market that are both wireless and have a light design. You can check out Logitech G700 and the Razer Mamba as samples.

5 – Check its lighting and customization.

It is essential to buy a gaming mouse that you can customize according to your preference. That is why when purchasing a gaming mouse, you should consider whether its lighting features can be disruptive or not. More gaming mice nowadays include a form of LED illumination and sophisticated lighting styles. For example, a gaming mouse called Roccat Kone features five LEDs that the user can configure to glow different colors, rotate, and pulse in different patterns.

The best gaming mice in the market also have their PC software, a stand-alone package. This software enables users to set up the lighting profile and also allows you to customize button assignments. And as stated earlier, some gaming mice allow you to set DPI options on this package. Most of them also allow you to change the mouse sensitivity for faster and more precise movements.

6 – Prefer durability over anything.

Your gaming mouse should be able to take a lot of pounding, especially if you’re playing a lot of FPS games. Although gaming mice are typically built to withstand the constant hammering expected from gaming, there are still players who can destroy a mouse even within a few months. So you need to choose a gaming mouse that is more durable than others.

To determine if your preferred gaming mouse is durable or not, check the reviews of the model you are planning to buy. You can also check some of the most durable gaming mice considered in the market, such as the Logitech MX518, which is very good for MMO video games. You might want to check the Razer Viper Ultimate for FPS video games or the Corsair SABRE RGB PRO.


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