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League of Legends Release New Dragonmancer Skins

New dragonmancer skins release

Dragonmancer skins new skin sets will be release by League of Legends. Champions including Volibear, Yasuo, Kai’Sa, Thresh, Karma, and Yasuo will receive new Dragonmancer skins. These new Dragonmancer skins will bring in new features, models, and animations.

Check out these new Dragonmancer skins as part of the 11.21 PBE Cycle:

Duality Dragon Volibear

Volibear was once the most frightening creature in the forest until a volcano erupted. While escaping, Volibear came across a child who was trapped. A strange instinct came over Volibear, and he saved the child. The Duality Dragon saw this act of compassion. The Dragon offered Volibear the power to hone the duality of his nature — his fury and his compassion.

The Duality Dragon Volibear features new models and textures, visual effects, sound effects, and recall animation. This skin costs 1350 RP.

Dream Dragon Yasuo

After a wild battle, Yasuo was the last living soul on the battlefield. Wounded and slowly dying, Yasuo took his flute to play his last haunting elegy. The Dragon of Dreams heard his song and descended from the mountaintop, and offered Yasuo his power.

The Dream Dragon Yasuo brings all new models and textures, visual effects and sound effects, new animations, voice-over, and recall animation. This skin costs 1820 RP.

Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa seeks the power to purify the land corrupted by Brand. She plunges into the depths of the Lagoon Dragon’s waters, despite its frightening legends. The Dragon recognized her courage and decided to bless her with its gifts. Now, she travels the world, cleansing corrupted lands and protecting innocent people.

The Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa brings in new models and textures for the champion. It also includes new visual effects, sound effects, and new recall animation. This cost 1350 RP.

Steel Dragon Thresh

Steel Dragon Thresh needed someone with the talent to acquire esoteric treasures. And when his eyes fell on Thresh, he knew he found the one. Thresh was honored to assist the Steel Dragon, his limitless appetite for the acquisition of treasures warped into obsession. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants, justifying the cruelty in the name of the Steel Dragon.

Steel Dragon Thresh is coming to the Rift with new models and textures, new visual effects, sound effects, and recall animation. This skin costs 1350 RP.

Tranquility Dragon Karma

When Brand’s corruption spread, Karma looked for the power to restore the peace in the land. When her search failed, Karma had to look within. After months of meditation, the Tranquility Dragon gave her a vision. She woke up with the dragon’s gift. It was the power to bring tranquil peace to face Brand’s raging violence.

Tranquility Dragon Karma arrives in the Rift with all new models and textures. She also gets new VFX, SFX, and recall animation. It cost 1350 RP.

Truth Dragon Yasuo

Against an army, Yasuo chose to stand and fight alone. To save innocent people from the upcoming bloodshed, he blocks a narrow pass between two mountains. Wielding his sword, he fought against countless of his foes. But he could not hold out forever. The Dragon of Truth saw his swordsmanship and decided to bless him with his power.

The Truth Dragon Yasuo features new models and textures, new VFX, new SFX, new animations and recall, and a new voice-over. It cost 1820 RP.


To get the Dragonmancer skins, make sure to update League of Legends on your gaming PC. League of Legends Dragonmancer skins are part of the 11.21 PBE cycle.

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