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Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack

“For millennia our race has developed, explored, and battled for control of a planet. Now we turn our eyes beyond our own solar system, to other stars in our galaxy. New planets, new discoveries, maybe even new civilizations await us. And Paradox Development Studio, the masters of grand strategy, will be your guides on this new voyage.”

Stellaris has been around for years now and has managed to become a much better game than it was at launch. In fact, it’s currently my favorite strategy game, and probably will remain so for a long time.

With Stellaris, you don’t get a pre-made selection of species and ships to choose from, you get to opportunity to design your own. This, in turn, gives way to you being able to design not only what your species’ aesthetics look like, but also how their playstyle is shaped.

And now, Stellaris is (ahem—pardon the obvious pun) about to get even deeper with the release of the upcoming DLC. Paradox Interactive has announced the Aquatics Species Pack for Stellaris, which will launch alongside the free v3.2 “Herbert” update, is right over the horizon for PC gamers.

Stellaris [PC] Aquatics Species Pack Announcement Trailer - YouTube

Now you’ll be able to tinker with a dynamic decision system and a heavy emphasis on exploration and science teams. This new DLC (and its accompanying free update), Stellaris will give you much more to research options than bigger lasers or stronger hulls, although you’ll need those too. Space is very big, and your first step will be getting a grasp of what is around you and how it can be best used for the benefit of your space civilization.

With this new content, you’ll be able to sail the intergalactic seas and uncover an all-new expansion packed to the gills with new options for new and longtime players alike. The Aquatics Species Pack will rinse Stellaris with a rising tide of new content, including brand new origins, species traits, civics, and a treasure trove of new cosmetics.

Seafarers and landlubbers alike will agree that this is Stellaris’ most immersive species pack to date. Just be careful, sailor…legends tell of dragons in these waters…

Stellaris will be getting the Aquatics Species Pack for PC soon, available through Steam and GOG. Just make sure your gaming PC or gaming laptop is up to snuff.

Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack | Paradox Interactive

Thousands of planets populating procedurally generated star systems will give you the largest possible theater for performing the emergent stories that Paradox has become famous for. Customize your ships, encounter unique randomly generated races, and participate in advanced diplomacy that would make Captain Picard look like an amateur.

And all in a beautiful and evocative star map unmatched by anything we’ve made before.

Behold the enormity of space with procedurally generated galaxies and an untold number of planets to explore. Encounter a myriad of wild, quirky, and dangerous alien races who may prove to be crucial trade partners or conquering forces hell-bent on enslaving your civilization.

Stellaris: "Aquatics Species-Pack" angekündigt - zunächst für PC

Or, take on strategic space warfare and resource management to ensure the survival and advancement of your empire. Explore scientific anomalies and uncover technological wonders throughout the galaxy to utilize them toward your own gains. Govern your own fledgling empire and secure your power and agenda through manipulating internal policies, factions, traditions, and more.

Stellaris is currently available on PC (Steam), so grab your copy now!


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