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League of Legends Bewitching Skins 2021

Bewitching Skins

League of Legends Bewitching Event will soon arrive on your gaming PC. To start the event, League of Legends has released the new Bewitching Skins for 2021. These skins include Bewitching Fiora, Bewitching Nami, Bewitching Poppy, Bewitching Syndra, and Bewitching Yuumi.

Check out these new League of Legends Bewitching Skins 2021:

Bewitching Fiora

Bewitching Fiora is tired of Bewitching Nami constantly crashing the party each year. So this year, she is determined that the apple bobbing takes a back seat to test their true skill. For example, see who can eat the most candy between the two of them.

This new skin gives Fiora a new festive Halloween look for the upcoming event. She receives an all-new model, textures, VFX, and SFX.

Bewitching Nami

The apple bobbing is undoubtedly a lot more challenging if you’re up against Bewitching Nami, who can bring the tides with her to the party. Although the apples may not bite back, her pumpkin-fish does.

This new skin gives Nami the perfect Halloween Sea witch look, including a new model and textures. Bewitching Nami also receives a new VFX, SFX, and a new recall animation.

Bewitching Poppy

Bewitching Poppy is the one who leads the trick-or-treating during the hours of Bewitching. She is also the first one to arrive, even at particularly creepy doorsteps. She is always unafraid of whatever is waiting for her on the other side — be it a frightening specter or a delicious treat.

Bewitching Poppy receives a new look in the game. She now has green hair, a purple, and pink witch costume, and a cute Bat Hat to top it up. As she fights her way through the Rift, she brings her mighty oversized broom to smash her enemies.

Bewitching Syndra

Any Halloween Celebration won’t be complete with the March of the Pumpkin Lanterns. This is why Bewitching Syndra conjures hundreds of great gourds from the sky to show their crooked smiles at the delighted children below.

Bewitching Syndra features a new model and textures, giving Syndra an all-new look. Her costume features a color scheme including dark purple, magenta, and gold. Her pumpkins show their sinister smiles, bringing horror to whoever she encounters.

Bewitching Yuumi

Bewitching, Yuumi uses her protective bubble to surround her prey, always ready to pounce if it plops to the ground. She then ponders for a moment whether a pumpkin cat can eat a pumpkin fish? Or is there such a thing as too much pumpkin?

Yuumi’s new look turns her into a creature of darkness with glowing eyes, a head similar to that of a pumpkin, and purple fur. Bewitching Yuumi includes a new model and textures, as well as a new VFX and SFX. She also has a new recall animation.

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