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5 Tips for Playing Foreclosed

Foreclosed recently debuted and is a cyberpunk themed game that is very stylish. It also has a very unique art style.

Here are 5 tips if you’re new to the game.

5 Explore, Explore, Explore!

To be clear—Foreclosed is by no means an open-world, or even an open-environment game. However, some zones do feature a multitude of different paths to try out. It must be said that the game itself is linear, funneling you down a specific path for the most part. With that being said, there are some secret areas to discover if you stray from the beaten path.

More often than not, these extra paths reward you for exploring by providing a boost to your database experience in order to level up. You can find mini hacking sections or hidden terminals, that, upon interacted with, can give you a good experience amount. Just make sure that you always check your surroundings for enemies waiting in ambush.

4 Different Puzzles Require Different Tactics

Sci-Fi Third Person Shooter Foreclosed Announced, Launches ...

Make no mistake about it, Foreclosed is a game has a lot going for it in terms of gameplay. Often when the gameplay shifts, the perspective also shifts to some sort of new comic book style. The puzzles in this game are pretty self-explanatory and really only require you to focus on the specific room or zone you are in.

For example, early on, there is a locked gate that needs to be opened. However, the gate’s power has been shut down and needs to be restored first before hacking the terminal. This type of puzzle requires you to follow a pulse guide which leads you to three different power points. Once found, you can hack them to turn on the power.

3 Coming To Grips with Combat

Foreclosed is a game that features some frenetic and challenging combat encounters where you are required to use your newly equipped Symbiotic Pistol. Shooting in this game is mostly a standard third-person cover shooting affair. However, with a lot of enemies in a given room, it can be challenging to avoid taking damage.

To counter that, you are able to drop beyond the various environmental objects in order to negate damage. The game does do a good job of auto-locking onto most enemies, especially as you pop up from cover. Get in the habit of viewing your environment as an obstacle course that needs to be traversed in order to take out all the baddies.

2 First Upgrades to Get

Foreclosed: Novo game cyberpunk é anunciado

Early on in Foreclosed, once you obtain your Symbiotic Pistol and start earning experience points to level up, you can then put skill points into specific upgrades for your weapon. These upgrades are quite simple, at least that’s how they seem. But some do require more than one skill point so be sure to keep that in mind if there is one you want right away.

Two of the best initial upgrades for your new pistol are the shooting speed and the ability to shoot through helmets and armor more effectively. There aren’t a ton of upgrade options but these two are good to focus on first since they will keep you in the thick of the battle for longer. They enable you to take down stronger enemies.

1 Augmentations Are Crucial

I’ll admit—easily the most fun part of Foreclosed is the various creative augmentations that Evan can equip with skill points. These augmentations can really change how you play this game and how you interact with the cyberpunk world. Some of these augmentations can make you feel like a superhero—able to take down enemies with ease.

Foreclosed - Golden JoyStick Awards Trailer | GAMES.CZ

On the other hand, because skills points are also used for pistol upgrades, you need to consider your play style. If you opt to use skill points for augmentations right away, one of the best ones to get right off the bat is the mind shield. This shied can help you avoid getting hacked which would make you more vulnerable to attacks. Find the right augmentation for you and stick with it for the long haul.

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