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How to Upgrade RAM in Your Gaming PC

How to Upgrade RAM in Your Gaming PC
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Is your gaming PC starting to slow down? Perhaps, it’s time to upgrade your RAM. Upgrading your RAM is a sure way to make PC load faster and more powerful. Optimizing your gaming PC can boost its performance to further improve your gaming experience.

Your RAM or Random-Access Memory handles the short-term memory portion of your CPU’s processing. It temporarily houses the data of the program, file, or video game you are currently using. RAM allows your PC to quickly access the data you need.

Why Upgrade your RAM?

A RAM upgrade is vital in boosting your gaming PC’s speed and performance. The more RAM you have, the faster it will process and load your applications and video games. It also runs those programs more smoothly with less interruption and a higher FPS (frame-per-second) rate when playing video games.

Upgrading your RAM will help your gaming PC speed up its processing power. It gives your computer more resources to temporarily shuffle the data coming from your hard disk to your CPU. Even if your gaming PC has a large storage disk or great graphics card, it won’t matter if it has sufficient RAM to process the data.

Here are the other benefits to upgrading your RAM: 

  • Improves web browsing speed.
  • Optimizes your gaming PC for gaming.
  • Prevents your unit from crashing when doing photo editing or video editing.
  • Makes your old PC seem brand new.

Overall, upgrading your RAM or adding more RAM to your unit will make your gaming experience better.

Are you ready for an upgrade? This guide will help you make the right decision and show you how to properly upgrade the RAM in your gaming PC.

Where to Buy RAM?

You can buy RAM online or in a computer retailer shop. But either way, you must first do your research to ensure that you’re installing the right RAM into your unit. Purchasing RAM is somehow expensive. So you definitely would want to buy one with warranties or return policies if it doesn’t work correctly, or you bought the wrong one. So make sure to buy RAM from a trusted gaming PC manufacturer or retailer.

Buying a brand-new RAM is the safest option for your unit. Although it may be expensive, you’re sure that it will have a warranty and return policy. You can also choose to buy refurbished RAM, but you have to find a qualified store, and that you should check their warranty just in case. There are also used RAM in the market, especially on eBay and on Craigslist. Still, we don’t recommend buying them because they might damage your unit more than they can help. With this, we highly suggest that you purchase brand-new RAM for your unit’s protection.

Steps to Upgrade Your RAM

  • Step 1 – Before anything else, shut down your gaming PC and wait for your unit to cool down completely.
  • Step 2 – After your unit has cooled down, carefully unplug all the cords, cables, and accessories connected to the CPU. These include the graphics card cord, LAN cord, monitor cable, keyboard cord, mouse, and webcam.
  • Step 3 – Open the CPU’s case. But make sure to consult the manufacturer for any specific instructions they have when you’re installing or upgrading your RAM. This is important, especially if your CPU is newly bought, and you don’t want to affect its warranty. In most CPU cases, you will need to remove screws, so remember where each screw goes. And place those screws in a safe place where they won’t easily be lost. 
  • Step 4 – Before you touch anything else, here’s a tip that can help. Lightly touch any unpainted metal surface inside your CPU unit to discharge any static electricity from your body. This will help you prevent any sensitive internal components inside the CPU from accidental damage caused by static electricity.
  • Step 5 – Find the RAM slot on your motherboard. You can use your computer’s manual if you’re new to upgrading your components.
  • Step 6 – Once you have found the RAM slot, gently remove the RAM modules. Most CPUs use clips to keep the RAM modules securely in place. To remove them, just push those clips aside carefully. Upon pushing those clips, the RAM module will rise from its slot, making it easier for you to remove it.
  • Step 7 – Unpack your new RAM or additional RAM module and carefully insert it into the slot. Place the edge with the gold connectors into the slot, and push it into place. Make sure that the notch in the RAM module is aligned correctly to slide away into the RAM slot. Remember to only touch the RAM modules on their edges and corners. By all means, never touch the gold connectors, or you may end up damaging them.
  • Step 8 – Once the new RAM is securely installed, screw the CPU case back in place. Then plug all the cables and connectors back in.

Check your RAM Upgrade

Once your new RAM or additional RAM module is installed, turn your computer on and check if everything is working properly. Suppose the PC starts up normally and you haven’t encountered any problem. In that case, the next thing you need to do is check if your CPU recognizes your new RAM or additional RAM.

To check your RAM, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – Go to Task Manager.
  • Step 2 – Right-click this PC from your desktop.
  • Step 3 – Choose Properties.

The screen will then show you the unit’s system specifications, including the processor type, system type, and of course, the installed memory (RAM). Verify if the total amount of memory showing on your screen matches the new RAM or the correct total of the added RAM you have installed. If so, you have successfully upgraded your RAM and are now ready to play any games you want.

Follow this blog for more gaming PC-related tips such as these. If you need new RAM for your computer, head on to!

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