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League of Legends New Phoenixmancers Skyline

league of legends phoenixmancers

League of Legends released a new skin line called Phoenixmancers. The first champions who will receive the Phoenixmancers skins are Anivia, Seraphine, and Xayah. Phoenixmancers is a series of alternate universe skins set in a world where the champions are gifted with the powers of the Fenghuang. The Fenghuang is a legendary phoenix who is said to watch over the world.

According to legends, the Fenghuang grants a single feather to a favored champion, which gives them unimaginable elemental power.

Here are the first set of champions with the Phoenixmancer skin:

Divine Phoenix Anivia

Divine Phoenix Anivia is the legendary Fenghuang who is said to watch over the world. She awaits the rise of selfless champions, who she may favor, and grant them powers as they fight for others with kindness and bravery in their hearts.

Divine Phoenix Anivia will feature all new models and textures, new VFX and SFX, as well as a new animation to the legendary phoenix. This skin will also have a total of 8 Chromas.

Graceful Phoenix Seraphine

Graceful Phoenix Seraphine is described as the champion of the common folk. Through her music, Seraphine was able to unite her community. She was able to defend them from a mysterious force that wants to wipe them out. The legendary Fenghuang heard Seraphine’s song and blessed her with the power to fight the darkness.

Graceful Phoenix Seraphine will feature new models, textures, VFX, SFX, and new recall animation.

Brave Phoenix Xayah

Brave Phoenix Xayah is a defender of ancient magic. With her power and abilities, she protects relics and punishes those who plan to use those relics for evil. Honoring her service and devotion, the Fenghuang decide to bestow upon her a single feather, giving her impossible power to continue her role.

Brave Phoenix Xayah will include new textures and models, VFX, SFX, and new recall animation.


To avail of these new Phoenixmancers skins, make sure to download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming pc or gaming laptop.

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