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Smite Introduces New Greek Sea Monster: Charybdis

Smite Charybdis

Smite is bringing a new Greek sea monster to the game, Charybdis. In Greek mythology, Charybdis often appears with Scylla to challenge epic characters as Odysseus and Aeneas. She is the daughter of the sea god Pontus and the earth goddess Gaia. Three times a day, she swallows a considerable amount of water before spewing it back out, thus creating large whirlpools that drag ships underwater.

Check out Charybdis abilities below:


Raging Tides

Charybdis’ attack speed will increase as her Tide increases. Any successful Basic Attack hits by her will increase her Tide. However, she will deal less damage with item effect procs.

Spike Shot

Upon clicking, Charybdis will reveal The Maw, which fires large spikes for a short duration which deals Basic Attack damage. These projectiles will pass through any minions. Each projectile is also wider and faster than her normal Basic Attacks. Upon hitting enemy gods and walls, the spike splinter will deal additional damage.


Charybdis will absorb water from around her upon activation before she fires a quick blast from The Maw. Each enemy hit will have a rapidly decaying Slow and Physical Protection debuff. This ability can be channeled longer, consuming Tide on fire, so the attack can become more expansive and strengthen the debuff effects of the skill. It will also deal more damage but will consume up to 40% Tide.

Whirlpool Form

Charybdis will dive into a whirlpool she created. This will expand and will reveal the terrifying Maw. She will also be able to move faster and deal damage to enemies caught in the area. This ability can be further amplified by toggling it again, consuming 30% of her Tide. But upon doing so, Charybdis will have an increase in her damage dealt and movement speed. It will also provide her with extra damage and knock upon exiting. While submerged in the whirlpool, Charybdis can’t be targeted by enemies and is immune to danger for up to 3 seconds.

The Maw Hungers

Charybdis reveals her true nature to opponents, becoming immune to any Crowd Control abilities for the next 6 seconds. She also gains movement speed. Charybdis will make one powerful attack as The Maw charges forward, damaging and carrying back enemies hit before chomping them. This brings another set of damage and stuns the enemies. If Charybdis can kill an enemy god with the attack, she will gain another 6 seconds and attack again.


Smite is a free-to-play MOBA game from Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games. You can download the game on Microsoft Windows gaming pc, Macintosh operating systems, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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