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WD_Black SSDs Power CyberPowerPCs

You’ve patiently waited for your game to download. Finally your patience has paid off; excited to play your game you go load it up… and wait a minute.. it’s still loading?

Load times are the bane of any gamer’s existence and can cut into the precious time you have to enjoy your favorite titles. With the latest storage technology from our friends at WD_Black, you can kiss waiting goodbye! Let’s take a look at how WD Black’s SN 850 NVMe SSD makes the difference in our systems.

Right off the bat you can tell this drive is ready to deliver some wicked quick reads and write times. This is thanks to use of PCIe Gen 4 technology, essentially doubling the speed over what was possible with PCIe Gen 3 drives. This means decreased load times and increased productivity for yourself! Currently we offer the SN 850 SSD in both our custom desktops and laptops, thanks to it’s sleek M.2 form factor. So whether you want your home PC to speed through load screens and applications, or you want to take your productivity and load-time-less gaming on the go, the SN 850 is a great option for your storage needs. It comes in three different sizes, a 500GB, a 1TB, and a 2TB. Additionally, you are able to purchase a heatsink from WD Black, though many compatible motherboards we use in our systems include a heat sink of their own.

Next time you are on our website customizing a brand new rig or laptop, be sure to check out the fantastic storage options from WD_Black.

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