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Dead Space Remake to be Released in 2022

Dead Space Remake

EA Motive is reportedly aiming for a fall 2022 release date for Dead Space Remake. Our previous article discussed EA’s confirmation on the remake of the 2008 space-survival game Dead Space, announced during EA Play Live 2021. Back then, EA didn’t release any information about the game’s release date, but now we have a window date to take note of.

In a report made by, their sources stated Dead Space Remake could launch as early as fall 2022. These sources claimed to be familiar with the development of the game. The window date was unexpected by the community since the game was just announced last month. GamesBeat further reported that internally, EA is anticipating the game’s remake to launch during its 2023 fiscal year.

However, when EA was approached for a statement regarding the game’s release date. The video game company stated that they haven’t shared any information about the Dead Space release date yet. Furthermore, EA doesn’t have any comment regarding the current rumor and speculation circulating online. But they are glad that the gaming community is excited about the game.

EA Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme and Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola recently spoke with IGN about the remake version of Dead Space. According to them, the developers will use next-gen technology to bring the world of Dead Space into the current console era. The two confirmed that the game is not just a touched-up version but will be made by completely rebuilding the whole game in EA’s Frostbite engine. And with the faster console SSDs, developers will be able to recreate the game without any loading screens.

As previously confirmed by EA, the Dead Space Remake will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows gaming pc. Further details about the game will soon be released, as EA promised to the gaming community.

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