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Skydrift Infinity Review

Skydrift Infinity
Digital Reality

Racing games are pretty much built to get people’s adrenaline pumping as much as possible. I’ve played a tone of them—everything from the Need For Speed games, to your Burnouts, and of course, the hallowed Forza titles, which to me are the top of the line.

One of the more recent titles on the digital racing range is Skydrift Infinity, which on its surface seems like a very simplistic game. However, once you get under the hood of this racing beast (or under the wings in this case), you’ll see that there’s much more than meets the eye.

Skydrift Infinity’s concept is easy enough to grasp—you fly your chosen plane around courses and try to beat out your competitors. But the game’s mechanics make it unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

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First of all, all of the game’s courses are designed to get the most adrenaline-pumping as possible—you’ll have to maneuver through narrow chasms, around tight turns, and over steep cliffs. If that doesn’t sound challenging enough, you have to do all of that while grabbing pick-ups that are either offensive or defensive in nature.

While there are six pick-ups in total, three for offensive purposes and three for defense. The trick is, depending on where your rival pilots are, you’ll have to be strategically thinking on the fly. For instance, if I find myself in the lead (which is all the time, of course), I’ll grab something defensive like shields or an EMP blast. But if I’m lagging behind, I’ll usually go with homing missiles (I’m a pretty bad aim with anything else).

Like another spectacular modern racer, GRIP: Combat Racing, you’ll have all sorts of exotic courses to choose from. You can pick from courses that are volcanic in nature, with molten lava spewing forth all around you, or across icy expanses with frozen waterbeds.

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The ship designs are also very eye-catching and there’s a good variety of them. Not only that, but the array of unlockable liveries is impressive, as is the clean UI. Overall, Skydrift Infinity’s visual presentation is beautiful to look at and runs super smooth, which only enhances the game’s racing action to no end.

Now a futuristic-type racer is always going to be infused with pumping, high-tempo music. The bass-laden beats push you to go faster through each course and they are only bettered by the cracking sound effects. Machine gun fire has a satisfying staccato and the fuel-air as bombs are ear-splitting. For me, listening to all of these sounds through some high-quality headphones was fantastic and completed the aggressive experience.

When you start a game you can jump straight into the tutorial. This is where you’ll be met by a wall of information and think you’re in for a complex nightmare. But with some patience, you’ll realize it is super easy to play and shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

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You’ll master the fundamentals of accelerating and braking in minutes and the twin-stick controls are very intuitive. Firing your weapons is as simple as aiming and pushing a button and with a little practice, you’ll be competing for first place and challenging the online community.

If you’ve been getting tired of traditional racing games but love the thrill of the chase, Skydrift Infinity might be the right one for you. The game’s fast-paced action and aggressive combat demand you keep playing and you’ll love the winding yet varied stages. Try it out for yourself.

SCORE: 8.0

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