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Mobius Digital Announces Outer Wilds Expansion

outer wilds echoes of the eye

Outer Wilds will have its first and only expansion released on September 28, and is titled “Echoes of the Eye.” It will be coming to the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and gaming pc via Steam and Epic Games Store. The expansion will also be released for Switch after its full game release on this year’s holidays.

The expansion was first teased on Steam and was described by Mobius Digital as the Outer Wild’s first and only expansion. It was then officially announced during the Annapurna showcase that happened in the last week of July. However, despite the official announcement, little information is known about the expansion.

The announcement showed a cryptic teaser that features Outer Wilds’ rickety spaceship and the game’s familiar solar city with the sun entering an eclipse. The trailer also showed brief shots of this unknown and underground location. The developers also explained that the expansion will connect directly into Outer Wilds’ existing world and narrative. However, no further details were revealed about how the expansion’s story will weave with the current narrative.

However, the expansion title gives Outer Wilds players an idea. For those who haven’t played the game yet, the Eye is a major area found in the game. This means that players will be returning to at least some of the settings from the original one. And with the game’s interlocking locations and time-looping gameplay, new things might be added to the existing game.

According to the expansion’s description, the player is the newest recruit of Outer Wilds Ventures, a fledgling space program that searches for answers in a constantly evolving solar system. The game starts when the Outer Wilds Ventures receive a strange satellite photo that can’t be explained. The new museum exhibit marks the trailhead for one last journey. The player journeys to find the answer and discover what the strange satellite photo is all about.

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