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Marvel’s Avengers Reveals War for Wakanda Release Date

avengers war of wakanda

Square Enix has finally announced the release date for Marvel’s latest Avengers expansion titled “War of Wakanda.” It will be available for all players who own the base game on their gaming pc or console starting on August 17.

The War of the Wakanda will add Black Panther to the game as the third new playable Superhero. The expansion will also bring a new story to the game, alongside two new villains and new location players can explore. There will also be new enemies that players need to defeat. The expansion will also add the Birnin Zana Outpost, also known as The Golden City. It will also add a new solo or multiplayer Drop Zone and Threat Sector missions for players to explore.

According to Crystal Dynamics, they will be sharing more about the War of Wakanda expansion once they release their latest Marvel’s Avengers War Table presentation. The live stream will be shown on Crystal Dynamics Twitch Channel this August 16 (Monday) at 10:00 AM PST.

The War of Wakanda Expansion will focus on King T’Challa, also known as Black Panther. He is also the current ruler of Wakanda and is responsible for protecting the country. This expansion will be a post-launch operation for the game, with a storyline five years after the main storyline.

Players will take the role of Black Panther in its single-player campaign content with a total gameplay length of 25 hours. Its storyline will allow you to explore the lush jungles of Wakanda and the new Outpost, which is the new Royal Palace that overlooks the Birnin Zana. Here, players will visit Zawavari’s chambers, Shuri’s laboratory, and the Wakandan War Room.

The War of Wakanda will follow Black Panther. He struggles as to whether Wakanda should join the fight following A.I.M. The story’s central villain will be Ulysses Klaw, as he was hired by MODOK to procure Vibranium from Wakanda.

Another thing that players should be excited about is Black Panther’s voice actor. Christopher Judge will be lending his voice to Black Panther, more popularly known as the man who voiced God of War’s Kratos.

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