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Chernobylite Tips for Survival

If you’ve recently purchased The Farm 51’s Chernobylite, these helpful tips can prove to be super helpful and save you a lot of time and headache. Here are the various mechanics of the game and how to better utilize them as well as some additional survival tips.

Staying Healthy

The main character, Igor, needs to keep a stove on him as it allows him to craft ointments and healing items. Igor has three different status bars and keeping all of them monitored is required to survive in the harsh and horrifying world of Chernobylite. These status bars are:

Psyche: This is Igor’s mental state.

Armor:  This is the amount of armor Igor has left.

Health: This is Igor’s overall health. It can deplete rapidly if he is exposed to radiation.

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You can craft different kinds of armor, medicine, and health items at Igor’s base of operations to stock up on the required items when you leave to keep all 3 of these bars filled during tense moments where you don’t have the time to visit the base.

Missions and Free Roam

Chernobylite is a game that does not hold your hand in terms of progress. You are free to choose any activity and mission quite early on in the game. It is entirely up to Igor whether he wants to complete story missions or recruit companions and roam around the world.

You can also ask your companions to go out on supply runs and other tasks. Igor is only required to start the main questline missions, which are marked with a red exclamation mark. Other than those missions, the game lets you approach all side missions and other activities however you want. You can also choose to completely ignore the main storyline if you so choose.

Food and Morale

In Chernobylite, each of your main story missions marks a single day. At the end of each mission, you and your companions will come back to the base to rest up before the next day. You can choose to eat normal, little or excess food.

Eating more food will keep the morale around the base high while eating little to no food will send your morale spiraling down. So, it is best to keep it balanced and to make sure that you have an ample amount of food, you should always explore during your escapades and missions. Your companions can also go out and look for food and supplies.

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Crafting and Gathering

You can gather and craft many different things in Chernobylite and it depends on the type of materials and stuff you scrounge up from the world. The amount of resources available to you for gathering is dependent on the difficulty you are playing on; you can find more resources to gather on the lower difficulty.

One of the first things you should be constructing is the Work Table which will open many new crafting opportunities for you. Crafting is further divided into three categories, and all of these focus on different types of crafting.

Base Upgrades.


Your Companion’s Comfort.

Base Upgrades focus on making a living at your home base and also making it a more comfortable experience with bed upgrades, power supplies, safety from radiation, and improving the air quality around the base.

Igor’s Inventory allows you to craft more tools related to your survival and combat abilities when you go out in the dangerous world of Chernobylite. You can craft armor, containers, weapons, and mask filters for venturing in the highly radiated wasteland.

Your Companion’s Comfort allows you to increase the facilities and comfort of your companions by crafting furniture and different decorations for them. Seeing how heavily crafting is interwoven in the game’s mechanics, you should always be on the lookout for more resources and crafting materials.

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Heavier enemies require a lot of headshots to kill and can sometimes prove to be quite dangerous. Before starting a gunfight, you should always use the environmental analyzer to mark enemies and swiftly take out any lone patrols.

Branching Paths and Decisions

Chernobylite has 24 main story missions and they can have multiple paths. Depending on the choices you make, the game can prevent you from playing some missions. So, the experience will be different each time you play it.

Hopefully, these tips can help you navigate the horrific and deadly world of Chernobylite a little better.

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