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EA Motive Announces Dead Space Remake

dead space remake

EA Motive is set to develop a remake of the original 2008 acclaimed sci-fi survival horror game Dead Space. The remake will be released for PS5, Xbox X/S Series, and Microsoft Windows gaming pc.

The Dead Space Remake was announced during EA Play Live 2021. EA confirmed that their studio EA Motive is currently working on the Dead Space 1 Remake. EA didn’t reveal the remake’s official release date or window, but they released the game’s first teaser trailer. The trailer showed fans an in-engine look at the mood and tone set by Motive on this new remake.

The developers also confirmed that the Dead Space remake will be rebuilt from the ground up using the Frostbite engine. EA explained that the developers are looking to take advantage of its advanced SSDs and 3D audio. According to the team, they plan to take advantage of the new tech that the latest console generation can bring to the recent remake.

EA Motive also stated that they are working closely with the Dead Space community. In fact, they already brought some fans into the early stages of production to get feedback on the original game’s development and modernization.

For those who haven’t played the 2008 game yet, Dead Space follows the story of Isaac Clarke. He is a space engineer sent to repair a massive starship called Ishimura. However, when he arrives at the spaceship, he discovers the disturbing fate met by the crew on board. An alien infection has taken over them, which produced enemies known as Necromorphs. Isaac must figure out what’s happening and find his partner Nicole fighting for her life somewhere on the ship.

Dead Space was first released in October 2008. And according to its developer EA Redwood Shores, the game drew inspiration from popular horror games, including Resident Evil and the Silent Hill series. In this game, the player must explore the areas on the spaceship through a chapter-based narrative. The player must also solve environmental puzzles while finding ammunition and equipment to survive the onslaught of the Necromorphs.

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