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League of Legends Releases More Skins This July

new league of legends skins

League of Legends brings a new set of skins into Summoner’s Rift. These new skins revolve around the world of Sentinels versus the Ruined King Viego. Check out these new League of Legends skins, Ruined Miss Fortune, Sentinel Graves, Sentinel Pyke, and Sentinel Rengar.

Ruined Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune thought that being the Pirate Queen of Bilgewater would be enough. And even though her revenge is complete and her victory total, Sarah believes she needed more. Viego, the Ruined King, offered her the strength that will allow her to crush anyone beneath her heel. Miss Fortune took that gift willingly, casting her morals aside for a chance at lasting control of her pirate empire.

This new skin features new models and textures for Miss Fortune. It also includes new visual effects, sound effects, recall animation, and VO processing.

Sentinel Graves

Graves actually don’t give a damn about saving the world. But the Ruined King Viego is getting in the way of his criminal undertakings, and that he cannot abide. When Sentinels come calling, Graves reckons that he can take the part of the hero for once, long enough to make sure that there’s a world left to rob.

Sentinel Graves is heading out in the Rift, featuring new models and textures. It also includes new visual effects, sound effects, new animations, and recall, as well as a new voice-over.

Sentinel Pyke

Pyke is an unlikely Sentinel to take up the oath, but Viego’s name happens to be next on his list. Although he is pacified for now. The influence of Nagakaboros serves a real danger that can make him snap at any moment, killing allies and enemies alike.

Sentinel Pyke arrives on Summoner’s Rift with new models and textures, new visual effects, new sound effects, and new recall animation.

Sentinel Rengar

Rengar thinks that his game is more significant than a King. As a hunter, Rengar will not pass up any opportunity to take on what could be his ultimate prey and the ultimate trophy. With the Sentinel weapons in his hand, he uses his skills to bring the Ruined King Viego down as a true apex predator.

Sentinel Rengar features new models and textures, new VFX, new SFX, and new recall animation.


League of Legends is a MOBA game from Riot and is free-to-play for Microsoft Windows gaming pc and gaming laptops.

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