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Genshin Impact Ayaka – Best Weapons and Best Artifacts

Genshin Impact Ayaka

Kamisato Ayaka is the new playable character from Inazuma added to Genshin Impact with its latest 2.0 update. She is a Cryo-vision user who wields a sword, allowing her to deal fast strikes with Cryo Damage. This makes Ayaka an excellent DPS or Sub-DPS for your party.

If you have managed to pull Ayaka from her Character Event Banner – Frostflake Heron, this guide will help you equip her with the right weapons and artifacts.

Best Weapons for Ayaka

  • Mistsplitter Reforged – Ayaka gains a 12% Elemental Damage Bonus for every element and receives the might of Mistsplitter’s Emblem. The Mistsplitter’s Emblem can stack up to three times, providing a 28% Elemental Damage Bonus for the wielder’s Elemental Type.
    • The wielder will obtain 1 stack of Mistsplitter’s Emblem in each of the different scenarios:
      • Normal Attack that deals Elemental Damage
      • Wielder casts Elemental Burst
      • Wielder’s Energy is less than 100%.
  • Primordial Jade Cutter – Using this will increase Ayaka’s HP by 20%. Additionally, it also provides an Attack Bonus based on 1.2% of Ayaka’s max HP.

Best Artifacts for Ayaka

  • Blizzard Strayer (4 pieces) – 2-piece of this artifact will increase Ayaka’s Cryo Damage by 15%. In its 4-piece set, Ayaka’s CRIT Rate will increase by 20% when she attacks an opponent affected by Cryo. If the opponent is Frozen, her CRIT Rate will increase by an additional 20%.
  • Blizzard Strayer (2 pieces) & Gladiator’s Finale (2 pieces) – 2-piece of these Blizzard Strayer artifacts will increase Ayaka’s Cryo Damage by 15%. On the other hand, 2-piece of Gladiator’s Finale will increase Ayaka’s Attack by 18%.


Do you want to see and try Ayaka’s gameplay and talents? Genshin Impact is an RPG exploration video game, which introduces you to the world of Teyvat and its magical lands. You can play it for free on your gaming PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Android smartphones.

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