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Home » League of Legends Reveals Sentinel Skins 

League of Legends Reveals Sentinel Skins 

League of Legends Reveals Sentinel Skins 

League of Legends’ new 11.14 PBE Cycle brings a new set of Sentinel skins to champions, including Diana, Irelia, Olaf, Riven, and Vayne. If you want to check out these new skins, you can try them by downloading the latest PBE patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC.

Check out these new Sentinel skins:

Sentinel Diana

After the Ruination of Targon, which lost the Aspect of War, devastated the Rakkor tribes, Diana decided to take up her blade and join the Sentinels to fight the Aspect’s power. She knows that this is the only way to defeat Viego, whose intent is to destroy everything that the moon touches. Sentinel Diana features new models and textures as she heads onto the Rift. It also gives her new visual effects and sound effects, as well as a new recall animation.

Sentinel Irelia

After the Ionia Grand Temple fell, Irelia could not stand to idly watch while her home was being ravaged by the Black Mist. Now deputized by the Sentinels, Irelia fights the Ruination as one of the Sentinel’s comrades. As a natural-born leader who understands the threats of Ruined Karma, Sentinel Irelia will stop at nothing to save the Spirit of Ionia. This new skin gives Irelia new models and textures, as well as new VFX, SFX, and recall animation.

Sentinel Olaf

After Olaf had a vicious encounter on the Freljordian front, he is convinced to join the Sentinels to satiate his hunger for war and battle. As a Sentinel, he now has the power to challenge Viego, which is the greatest threat the world has known. Sentinel Olaf features new models and textures, visual effects, sound effects, and new recall animation.

Sentinel Riven

Sentinel Riven decided to join the Sentinels with the hopes to atone for her role in the Noxian Invasion of Ionia. After Riven fights her way out of the rapidly destabilizing Noxus Prime, she understands that her time may be fleeting. Sentinel Riven is coming to the Rift with a new look. She has new models and textures, visual effects, sound effects, and recall animation.

Sentinel Vayne

Vayne joins the Sentinels with the intention of striving to become a better monster hunter. With the help of the Sentinels, she hopes to advance her own arsenal and learn how to fight the Black Mist. While doing this, she defends Runeterra from evil. Sentinel Vayne features all new models and textures, new visual effects, new sound effects, and new recall animation.

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