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League of Legends Releases New Astronaut Skins

League of Legends Releases New Astronaut Skins

League of Legends has released a new set of Astronaut skins. These skins will give a whole new look to champions, including Corki, Maokai, Rammus, and Veigar. This new look includes all new models, textures, sound effects, visual effects, and recall animation. These new skins are now available in the game if you update your League of Legends game on your gaming PC.

Check out these new Astronaut skins released for League of Legends:

Astronaut Corki

In the Astronaut alternate universe, Astronaut Corki is also known as Commander Corki. He is a veteran of the space program and is known to be a fearless leader. After traveling to a new planet with his crew, he managed to befriend a stray alien meep. This strange alien became his ally and assistant in exploring the galaxy. Together, they fight and prevent the encroaching invasion of evil purple meeps who want to take over the galaxy.

Astronaut Maokai

Astronaut Maokai is said to be the first tree to ever grow on a planet called M33P. He was able to gain sentience thanks to the latent power of the meeps that took up residence in his truck. He now fosters life by collecting and caring for these young meeps that could use a helping hand.

Astronaut Rammus

Astronaut Rammus is supposed to be a part of the Space Program’s core asset. He was actually responsible for terraforming new planets. But that was until his digging had unearthed the purple meeps. Now, Astronaut Rammus has become something different. His power turned nefarious, and he is now controlled by the hands of the evil invader-meeps.

Astronaut Veigar

Astronaut Veigar is said to be a scientist that is conducting research on alien energy searches. However, he ventured far into space, and when he came back, Veigar was different than before. No one sure what happened to Veigar while he was lost, but one thing’s for sure, Veigar came back evil and purple.

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