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Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC Gets a Story Mode

Dying Light Hellraid

Last year, zombie-survival game Dying Light received a dark fantasy DLC expansion called the Dying Light: Hellraid. And now that DLC has also received its own expansion, which will add a Story Mode and new weapons to the game.

The Hellraid DLC on Dying Light takes the player into a portal that brings him to an otherworldly stronghold overrun by servants of Hell. To survive, the player must slay brand-new demonic enemies with medieval weapons, including swords, axes, and hammers, as you travel across its stone corridors and dimly lit chambers.

The new update on Dying Light: Hellraid was released last June 7. It will be released for gaming PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is called the Prisoner update. Players are sent deep into the demon-infested bowels of Baal’s Temple. Here, the player must rescue a mysterious and powerful mage named Lucius. That means that Dying players will once again be able to experience a new storyline in Hellraid’s world and its medieval theme, fighting skeletons and demons.

Aside from the story mission, The Prisoner update will add two new weapons in the game. It includes the first-ranged weapon called the Corrupted Justice, which is a bow. Aside from this bow, there is also a two-handed hammer, Bonecruncher. These two weapons are necessary to the story mission as the update will add new locations in the game, as well as new enemies, including shield-toting skeletons. This will require the players to create a new and offensive strategy to defeat these enemies.

The expansion’s lighting system and environmental sound system have also been tweaked. These two upgrades will further improve the gameplay experience of players when doing dungeon crawling in Hellraid.

To further check Hellraid’s DLC Update, you can check its official Steam page via clicking this link. The DLC is currently 30% off, so you might want to take this opportunity to grab the deal.

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