Rick and Morty and Superman are Coming to Fortnite

Photo Source: Screen Rant

New content is coming to Fortnite Chapter 2, and this time it is no other than Rick and Morty. And not only will these two be coming to Fortnite but also Superman, as it was teased by Epic Games in their most recent updates.

The content for Rick and Morty, and Superman, were teased by Fortnite by posting about it in their official Fortnite Twitter account. These posts included videos that featured things from both respective universes. The first video is Rick and Morty’s tease, which shows the Butter Robot from Season 1. In the video, the Butter Robot is floating in an alien-like beam.

In the tweet, fans can read that the Butter Robot failed every test it went under except transporting bone modification liquid. The tests it failed include hauling various weaponry and transporting documents & schematics. The reason behind this may probably be because the Butter Robot is created by Rick Sanchez. As its name suggests, the robot is made to only pass butter.

A second teaser points to a more powerful being than the Butter Robot. Similar to the first video, a pair of glasses is shown in the video floating in an alien beam. These glasses could point towards no other than Superman. The video also came with a hint that it is indeed the Kryptonian superhero coming to the game.

However, it is still unclear if Rick and Morty will be joining Fortnite or if Butter Robot will make an appearance in the game. But the former idea is still possible, knowing how Fortnite has incorporated other universes in its game.

As for the Superman content, Fortnite may be releasing a Superman Skin based on the actual Man of Steel. This may be released similarly to how the Batman skin was introduced to the players.

Fortnite is a battle royale game for gaming PC, gaming consoles, and smartphones. You can download the game for free via Epic Games on PC and Google App Store for Android smartphones.

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