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League of Legends Dr. Mundo Gets a Champion Update

Dr. Mundo Rework

League of Legends has announced that Dr. Mundo is receiving a champion rework or champion update. Players can now test Dr. Mundo’s champion update in the PBE on their gaming PC or laptop. This champion received a new model and textures, as well as new changes on his stats and abilities.

Let’s check out all the new abilities Dr. Mundo has to offer in the game:

Passive: Goes Where He Pleases

Dr. Mundo will resist the first immobilizing effect that hits him, causing him to instead lose 7% of his Health and dropping a chemical canister nearby for 7 seconds. Moving over the canister will reduce this ability’s cooldown by 15 seconds. It will also restore Dr. Mundo’s Health by 8%. Enemy champions who move around the canister will destroy it. This passive also enables him to regenerate 2% of his max Health every 5 seconds.

Q: Infected Bonesaw

Upon activation, Dr. Mundo hurls his bone saw, which deals magic damage to the first enemy hit and slows them by 40% for 2 seconds. If the bone saw hits an enemy champion, he will restore 50 Health. If this hits an enemy champion, Mundo restores 50 Health. While if it hits a non-champion, he restores 25 Health.

W: Zapper

Dr. Mundo charges up a defibrillator, which deals magic damage each second for up to 4 seconds to any nearby enemies. While active, he can store a percentage of the damage taken as gray health which he can recast.

Upon recast, he detonates the defibrillator, which deals magic damage to nearby enemies. If this hits at least one champion, Mundo restores 100% of the gray health. If only non-champions were hit by him, he instead restores 50% gray health.

E: Blunt Force Trauma

Passive –  Dr. Mundo will gain a percentage of Attack Damage based on his missing Health.

Active – Dr. Mundo will violently swing his “medical” bag, which will cause his next Attack to deal an additional Physical Damage. This can be increased by up to 60% based on his missing Health. If he manages to kill an enemy champion, Mundo swats them away, dealing minimum damage to nearby enemies who pass through.

R – Maximum Dosage

Dr. Mundo will pump himself with chemicals,  which restores 20% missing Health and allows him to gain Move Speed. He also gets bonus Attack Damage and regenerates a percentage of max Health over 10 seconds.

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