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Dead by Daylight Adds Resident Evil’s Leon, Jill, and Nemesis

Dead by Daylight - Resident Evil

Dead by Daylight adds its Resident Evil Chapter, release for gaming pc and consoles this June 15. It will add two familiar survivors and one of the most notable Resident Evil villains as a killer. Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine releases as survivors in Dead by Daylight, while Nemesis will be joining the roster of its killers.

The Resident Evil Chapter tease releases during the Resident Evil: Village pre-launch showcase. During this time, Behavior Interactive announced their collaboration with Capcom to work on a Resident Evil Chapter. With so many characters to choose from in the Resident Evil series, Behavior Interactive decided to go for classic characters, Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine. With their models being taken from the recent Resident Evil remake versions. Aside from these two characters, Nemesis is another character release to the Dead by Daylight as a killer. His model is similar from its Resident Evil Remake.

Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil 2 Collaboration

Dead by Daylight will also release a new map from Resident Evil 2 Remake, which is the Raccoon City Police Station.

For those unfamiliar with Dead by Daylight’s gameplay, unlike Resident Evil, it is an asymmetrical PvP game that pits 4 players versus 1. The 4 players act as survivors who must escape from the hands of the player taking the role of a killer. Leon and Jill will not be able to shoot down the enemy; they will get abilities that can help them survive and evade the killer. For example, Leon gets a Flashback perk which means he can craft a Flashback. He can then throw the Flashback to the killer, which can cause temporary blindness.

Similar to survivors, killers will also have abilities they can use to hunt the survivors. Nemesis has the ability that allows him to use powerful tentacle attacks, which can infect survivors. The more survivors he can infect with his tentacles, the more powers he can get. Survivors can counter the effects of the tentacles by finding vaccines across the map in limited quantities.

Not only that, Nemesis will be the first killer in Dead by Daylight to be assisted by AI models in the history of the game. According to Behavior Interactive, Nemesis will be accompanied by AI-powered zombies.

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