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Developer ION Lands Announces Nivalis

Steam Nivalis

The developer of the neon-cyberpunk adventure game, Cloudpunk, has announced they are developing a new cyberpunk game. ION Lands reveals that they are working on a cyberpunk life simulation game titled Nivalis, which will be released for Microsoft Windows gaming PC.

Nivalis already has a published page on Steam with a TBA release date. The game was described as a cyberpunk immersive simulation game on its Steam page, which allows the player to build and grow their own business. You can manage restaurants and nightclubs, make friends and enemies, and try your luck in finding love in the city of Nivalis.  

But all of these won’t be an easy task because, in Nivalis, there will be people who will hunt you. Gangs would want to harvest your organs, while the Corps can fine you for just breathing. Not only that, but the whole city of Nivalis is also crumbling, and it could fall into the ocean any day. So as much as possible, it’s best to make as much money as you can.


NIVALIS – Gameplay

You can start running a small stall, such as a food stall, a stim store, or a noodle stand. The player should grow his business from that small stall and turn it into a bar, a restaurant, or a nightclub. Eventually, you can own the nightlife in Nivalis.

In this game, the player will choose how to spend their time in the city. It is a unique slice-of-life and immersive simulation which features realistic weather conditions and night-and-day cycles. You’ll also be able to meet diverse and strange characters and form friendships with them. In playing Nivalis, you will be able to experience the wonder and dangers of the cyberpunk city.

For those who are not familiar, Nivalis is also the city where the game Cloudpunk takes place. As of writing this, ION Lands hasn’t released any planned release date for the game.

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