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League of Legends Releases Arcana Skins

Arcana 2021

League of Legends has released a new set of Arcana skins, including Arcane Camille, Arcane Lucian, Arcane Tahm Kench, and Arcane Xerath. Each of these skins cost 1350 RP. To avail of this skin, make sure to download the latest update on your gaming pc or laptop.

Check out these new Arcana skins:

Arcana Camille

Arcana Camille poised above the city, on the edge of the High Arcana. Her power comes from defying the expectations of those around her, surprising her enemies in the same process. When on the brink of danger, Camille is at her strongest, but still, no one truly knows what or where she plans to use all her strength for.

This new skin comes with all new models and textures, as well as new VFX and SFX. It also features a new recall animation.

Arcane Lucian

Arcane Lucian believes in the idea of balance and that no Archetype should have an excessive influence on the world. Lucian maintains the world’s fragile order despite the new power vacuum using his two guns, one amplifying patterns and the other canceling out.

This new skin for Lucian features a new model and new textures, including new visual effects and sound effects. It also comes with a new recall animation.

Arcane Tahm Kench

Arcane Tahm Kench is said to be the epitome of opulence and power. People said that power drips from his tongue. This can be seen from his ornate patterns, which persuade his listeners. He also leverages those he rules, staking his powers to make sure that everything goes in his favor.

This new skin for Tahm Kench features new models, textures, VFX, SFX, and recall animation.

Arcane Xerath

Arcane Xerath was ensnared by his own desires; he led the citizens of the Low Arcana to act on their urges. And the more they are entranced by the forbidden, the more power Arcane Xerath receives. Xerath believes that the people’s temptation will lead to his deliverance, but he does not know that the stronger he gets, the more tightly his chains will bind him.

The new skin for Xerath features all new models and textures, including visual effects, sound effects, and recall animation.

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