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Ubisoft Announces New Game, The Division: Heartland

The Division - Heartland

Out of nowhere, Ubisoft announces a new game set in the Tom Clancy universe. And what’s more surprising is that this game is actually free-to-play. The game’s title is The Division: Heartland and is planned for release on Xbox, PlayStation, and gaming PC. As of now, its release date window is around the final quarter of 2021 to 2022.

The Division: Heartland is going to be a standalone game from the main Division series. And it is going to be developed by Red Storm Entertainment, the original Tom Clancy Studio. As of writing this, no further details were revealed about the game, yet aside from that, it is free-to-play. It is also unclear what kind of game The Division: Heartland is going to be. However, Ubisoft stated that the game will introduce an all-new perspective on the Tom Clancy universe by offering a new setting.

For fans of The Division series, you can sign up for the game’s playtest and receive news by going to this link. The Division: Heartland game test will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Aside from this new video game, The Division is also expanding its franchise. Recently, Netflix announced The Division movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain. A new original novel will also be released this year, set after Division 2.

The Division will also get a new big update. This update includes a brand-new game mode and new ways on how the player can progress with their chosen agent. According to the developers, the new game mode is still in its development stage. It is currently scheduled to release in late 2021 at the earliest. They also confirmed that the new game mode will bring a meaningful change to the whole game.

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