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Latest Monster Hunter Rise Update Adds New Elder Dragons

Monster Hunter Rise

It has been confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise will add new monsters to the game as part of its first update. These new monsters will include powerful Elder Dragons and Apex variants which are the most popular beasts in the series.

The Elder Dragons that have been added to the game include Chameleos, Kushala Daora, and Teostra. Together, these three Elder Dragons form highly powerful foes that players will encounter. Aside from the Elder Dragons, Apex Diablosa and Apex Rathalos have also been introduced in the game. These are Apex monsters that are already available in the game. However, with the new update, players can now hunt them outside the Rampage quests. The monster Magnamalo, on the other hand, has been added to the Rampage quest rotation.

Another feature that has been added is that players can now forge layered armor. The max hunter rank can now also be unlocked by players to fulfill all the required conditions. New event quests will also be released following the launch of the update. These can be played offline once the user has downloaded the update on his gaming pc or console.

A new premium cosmetic DLC will also be available for players to purchase. This new cosmetic will feature new voice options, new sticker sets, layered armor for buddies, gestures, and more.

Aside from the Monster Hunter Rise Update, a new game in the series has also been revealed in the Monster Hunter Stories 2: wings of Ruin. This is a turn-based battle system from the original game, which has been kind of remastered. Players must have the correct weapon types, elements, and skills to defeat enemy monsters. Like the main series, the combat system will allow specific body parts of your character to be broken in this game.

Monster Hunter Rise will also be released by the end of this month for Nintendo Switch.

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