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Tales of Arise Gets New Release Date

Tales of Arise

After being delayed last year, Tales of Arise is now scheduled to be released on September 10, 2021. It will be released for gaming PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.

According to the developers, the new release date will allow them to fix quality concerns in the game. They will also be able to improve its accessibility and add next-gen console versions. According to the game’s producer, working through the pandemic has changed the way they work, and this year of development has been pretty positive for most of the part. He also stated that giving time to themselves to further improve the game’s quality and expand their accessibility has allowed them to provide more options to the players. This includes porting the game to PS5 and the Xbox Series next-gen consoles.

Tales of Arise is the 17th game in the Tales of series. In this game, the players take on Alphen and Shionne, who hail from Rena and Dahna. Rena is an advanced civilization built on technology and magic, while Dahna is a more medieval society whose people were taken as slaves by the people of Rena. The game was first announced in 2019 during Microsoft’s Xbox E3 press conference.

Tales of Arise 2

The Tales of Arise will be the official sequel to 2017’s Tales of Berseria. Similar to its predecessors, Tales of Arise is an action RPG game. However, its gameplay has gone through alterations during its development. This gameplay is called Linear Motion Battle System. Although the developers reassured fans that it still retains the basics of the Tales battle system.

The game was initially planned to be released in 2020 for Microsoft gaming PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, it was indefinitely delayed last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tales of Arise was built using Unreal Engine 4. Its development team was composed of a series of veterans and newcomers to revitalize the Tales series.

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