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Street Fighter 5 Spring Update

Rose - Street Fighter

Capcom has finally revealed the things coming to Street Fighter this Spring Update. This includes three characters that will be joining the roster of fighters in the upcoming months.

The last fighter that was added to the game was Dan, who was released in February. The next character will be coming to the game today, April 19. Rose is a mysterious fortune teller who can wield the Soul Power. This energy appears in the form of color-changing energy that Rose can channel from her body and through her scarf. She usually uses this scarf as a weapon by supplementing it with Soul Power.

Rose can also use the Soul Power by concentrating them into projectiles which can zap opponents. She can also use the Soul Power to project temporary copies of herself. When it comes to her game style, Rose uses ranged attacks and has the ability to absorb and reflect projectiles from her opponents. She also has an above-average offensive style thanks to her dexterity and scarf attacks.

According to Capcom, Rose in Street Fighter 5 will have a move-set that can change the game’s future. Her move-set will include Soul Fortune, enabling Rose to use a tarot card to buff herself and debuff her opponents. Her signature movement, Soul Satellite, will also return in the game.

After Rose, Oro will be the next character to join Street Fighter 5. However, Oro doesn’t have a release date for now. According to Capcom, Oro will retain his one-armed combat style in Street Fighter 5. His move-set is also said to feature some of his classic moves. He will also have a new skill called Tsuranekeashi, a kick move that keeps his opponents at bay. He can also use it in his combos.

The third character that will arrive in the game is Akira Kazama. She will be coming with the Street Fighter 5 Premium Pass. Akira Kazama is a crossover character from the school-fighting game, Rival Schools. More details about Akira and the Battle Pass will come in the future.

Street Fighter V was released in 2016 for Microsoft Windows gaming pc and Playstation 4.

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