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Sega Announces Total War: Rome Remastered

Total War - Rome Remastered

Rejoice, Total War fans! Sega has announced the arrival of Total War: Rome Remastered. It is an updated version of the strategy classic game from 2004, developed by Creative Assembly. Total War: Rome Remastered will be released on April 29 for gaming pc and gaming consoles.

The Total War: Rome Remastered has been developed with Sega’s collaboration with Feral Interactive. The game was described as a comprehensive remaster which features additional visual and gameplay improvements. The game’s remastered version will include the main game and its two expansions, namely Barbarian Invasion and Alexander. All of these will be presented with 4k visuals and native support for ultra-high-definition resolutions. 

The Total War: Rome Remastered will include a refreshed look for character models, the battlefield, and an overhauled look for the game’s environment. It will also feature 16 previously unplayable factions, and the 22 original factions will return for the game. Additionally, the game will also introduce new Merchant agents that players can send on missions to establish their trade networks.

Feral Interactive also talked about the modern touches that they applied to the game’s campaign. This includes a tactical map for battles, heat maps, and icon overlays. The diplomacy system of the strategy game has also been overhauled. Players can now rotate the camera on the campaign map, and zoom levels on the camera are now even wider. 

There will also be an improved help system for new players — redesigned tutorial, advice, and tooltips. The game will also support color-blind players. Finally, the game will support cross-platform for multiplayer across Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

The Total War: Rome Remastered will also include access to the original Rome: Total War Collection. However, this will only be playable on Windows gaming pc and is currently available for pre-order. Fans who own the original version of the game on Steam will be able to get the remastered version at a 50% discount until June 1, 2021.

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