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Valheim Announces its Hearth and Home Update


Developer Iron Gate teases the latest update for its popular Norse-themed survival sandbox game, Valheim. The latest update is called Hearth and Home. The team showed a new image alongside its announcement that Valheim has officially sold six million units worldwide.

Now that things are calming down since its launch, the development team says that they will be focusing their attention and time to work on the Hearth and Home. While not much is known about the new update, the lead artist for Valheim shares a small peak. The image shows what seems to be a bird, probably a raven, on top of a hand. Ravens are known to have a connection with the Norse God, Odin.

Valheim Announces its Hearth and Home Update

The Hearth and Home Update is said to bring new features and focus on the game’s house-building aspects. It will also provide more building pieces that players can use when building their base. Aside from those, players will be able to do new stuff in and around the house. The Hearth and Home Update is just one of the many updates planned by Iron Gates for Valheim this 2021.

Going forward to Valheim’s sales, the game has impressively reached its six million milestones just six weeks after it was launched. But although the game is already a success, Valheim is still in its Early Access mode. The team is still working to fix high-priority bugs in the game and the problems players have reported, including networking issues and balance tweaks.

Valheim was released on February 2, 2021, for Windows and Linux gaming pc via Steam. It is a five-person team game, wherein the players take the role of Vikings in an afterlife where they have to build shelters, craft tools, and fight enemies to survive. The game features stylized 3D graphics with a third-person perspective, while its combat system is inspired by action games.

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